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WhatsApp to get edit button, undo messages and other features soon - All you need to know

WhatsApp has introduced three new upcoming features which will give an enhanced and secured experience to the users 

Saumya Nigam Written by: Saumya Nigam @snigam04 Noida Published on: June 08, 2022 19:55 IST
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WhatsApp to get three new feature

WhatsApp has been on a run for updating as well as upgrading the platform, for better engagement of users, and an easier experience. 

The messaging platform has been testing three very important features recently- which include:

  • The Undo button, 
  • The edit text messages option 
  • The double verification feature. 

At the time of writing, the all-new features are under testing. 

This is a must mention that Apple has already rolled out the edit messages feature for the iMessage users, but Android users will have to wait a little longer. 

Let us learn how these new features will make a difference in the app:

Edit messages 

  • The upcoming edit button will let the users edit the sent text messages. 
  • At this time, Android users only have the option of deleting the sent messages. 
  • WhatsApp has been developing and working on this feature, for almost five years ago. Finally, the company has given the official heads up after five years of halt 

Undo button

  • This feature is also under the development phase 
  • The Undo button will help the user to retrieve the chat that they have deleted
  • To retrieve the deleted chat, the user will have to touch on the “delete for me” option. 
  • There are times when people, by mistake, accidentally tap on the “Delete for me” option instead of “Delete for everyone”. The new undo feature will help user to correct their actions, 
  • The user will have to note that the feature is time-bound and action has to be taken within the time bracket. 

Double verification feature

  • This feature focuses on enhancing the security of the application when you log in. 
  • Users will have to verify themselves twice if they would like to log into their WhatsApp account from another smartphone.
  • WhatsApp will ask the user to enter two security codes during the sign-in process. The code will be sent to the same registered number. 
  • At the moment, the setup needs one verification code of 6-digit 


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