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Meta considers a $14 monthly fee for ad-free access to Instagram and Facebook

Meta is purportedly exploring the idea to introduce a subscription offering in Europe for Instagram and Facebook. This subscription model would provide users with an ad-free experience on these platforms for a monthly fee of $14.

Edited By: Saumya Nigam @snigam04 New Delhi Published on: October 03, 2023 18:50 IST
Image Source : META Meta considers a $14 monthly fee for ad-free Instagram and Facebook access

Meta, the parent company of social media giants Instagram and Facebook, is reportedly considering a subscription plan in Europe that would cost users $14 per month to access these platforms ad-free. Users would have the choice to either pay the subscription fee or opt for a free version that includes personalized advertisements.

For those who wish to use both Instagram and Facebook, a combined subscription package is available at $17 per month, according to The Wall Street Journal. This pricing strategy is seen as a response to EU regulators' concerns about Meta's use of personal data for targeted advertising in Europe without explicit user consent.

The European Union (EU) users may soon have three choices: pay for an ad-free experience, continue using the platforms for free with personalized ads, or opt out altogether. Subscribers to the paid service would enjoy an ad-free environment, while Meta would continue offering free versions of its apps with advertisements in the EU.

Recent EU regulations have compelled Meta to seek user consent before displaying targeted advertisements, prompting the company to explore alternative revenue streams, including subscriptions.

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Earlier this year, reports surfaced about Meta testing a subscription service that would allow Facebook and Instagram users to pay for a verified account. Additionally, Meta is working on the development of "Gen AI Personas," a generative AI chatbot aimed at engaging younger users with various vibrant personalities. The company plans to introduce numerous AI personality chatbots as part of this initiative.

Meta's exploration of subscription-based ad-free options reflects the evolving landscape of digital advertising and user privacy concerns in Europe, where regulators have been increasingly vigilant about protecting user data and privacy.

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