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How to protect your high risk Google account from the hackers?

Google's Advanced Protection Program has become more accessible, allowing high-risk users to safeguard their accounts using just their phones. This move demonstrates Google’s commitment to enhancing security and protecting those who are most vulnerable to online threats.

Written By: Saumya Nigam @snigam04 New Delhi Updated on: July 11, 2024 13:33 IST
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Google, a renounced tech giant has made it easy for the users who are being targeted online to enrol in its Advanced Protection Program (APP) for Google accounts. Earlier, the setup required two physical security keys, but now the account users could complete the process with just a single passkey, by utilizing the built-in biometric authentication of a Pixel phone or iPhone.

Who needs the advanced protection program from Google?

The Advanced Protection Program is not designed for everyday users. It is specifically designed and targeted for individuals like political campaign workers, journalists, and others who handle sensitive information and are further susceptible to targeted attacks. 

When the APP was launched initially, it required two physical security keys to activate and one of those keys, along with a password, for subsequent logins.

The setup process

In 2023, Google updated the program which will enable the users to sign in with just a passkey. A passkey is a passwordless login method which could be used for built-in authentication on devices like smartphones to securely sign in to accounts, apps and services. 

However, despite advancement, the users still needed the two physical security keys for the initial setup of the APP.

Now, Google has streamlined the process. 

How to enable the APP for your Google account

To enable the Advanced Protection Program:

  1. Users can visit the program’s webpage 
  2. There, click "Get started" 
  3. The page will guide users through the setup process, which will include an option to set up with a passkey or a physical security key. 
  4. Google will also need the users to provide recovery methods, like a phone number, an email address, or a second passkey, in case they get locked out of their account.

How easy it is to implement?

The new setup process is straightforward and user-friendly. You could easily enrol by pointing your iPhone at a QR code displayed in your browser and authenticating with Face ID. 

This simplification not only makes the program more accessible but also encourages more high-risk users to protect their accounts with advanced security measures.

The APP further offers the highest level of security for Google accounts, defending against various sophisticated online threats. By simplifying the enrollment process, Google is making it easier for those who need robust security the most to protect their information.

Hence, if you fall into the high-risk category, then it is further recommended to take advantage of this simplified setup to secure your Google account.

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