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How to manage your rising electricity bill and save money? Tips and tricks

With rising heat, our electricity bills are also growing, giving extra pressure to our pockets. Here are some useful, and necessary tips to follow in order to save your power and appliance health too.

Written By: Saumya Nigam @snigam04 New Delhi Published on: June 09, 2024 19:21 IST
Image Source : REUTERS Electricity

As temperatures shoot up during summer, so do our electricity bills. The increased use of appliances like air conditioners, coolers, refrigerators and fans can put a significant strain on our finances. However, there are several effective ways to manage and reduce your power consumption during summer. Here are some tips to keep you cool without giving extra pain to your bank account.

Optimize air conditioner usage

Although we totally understand that living without our AC looks impossible, you need to optimize the usage. One common mistake people make is setting their air conditioner to extremely low temperatures (16,18,20 etc), thinking that this is going to cool your house. 

One must keep their AC temperature between 24 to 26 degrees Celsius not only to maintain comfort but also to reduce electricity consumption significantly. This temperature range is energy-efficient and sufficient to keep your room cool.

Maintain the AC unit

A very important and necessary thing is to keep your AC checked. Regular maintenance is important for its efficiency and cleaning the filter periodically to ensure that the compressor does not overwork, which could lead to higher electricity consumption, leading to bigger bills. 

A well-maintained AC unit consumes less power.

Combine ceiling fans with AC

Though your AC, when used continuously could cost more, so one must blend by using the ceiling fan at a low speed in conjunction with it. The fan will help to distribute the cool air of the AC evenly throughout the room, enabling the AC to cycle off sooner. But this might not always work for those who live on the topmost floor of the hour or apartment. 

Reducing prolonged AC usage could save energy.

Harness solar energy

Today, there are several ways to save electricity, and installing a solar panel could be one way to save power. Installing the panel during the sunny months- like February to October could be perfect for generating solar power. 

It will be considered as a smart investment which could pay off the bills over time. While the initial cost is higher, solar panels can significantly reduce your electricity bills. They harness free solar energy, providing a sustainable and cost-effective power source for your home.

Use refrigerators efficiently

Refrigerators are the machines, which is there in every house, helping to keep the food to be fresh and edible. However frequently opening the door of the fridge may make the compressor work harder to maintain the internal temperature, leading to increased energy consumption. Try avoiding that. 

Also, you need to maintain the proper settings of your refrigerator. It is recommended to have a set temperature (of around 3-5 degrees Celsius for the fridge and -18 degrees Celsius for the freezer). Overcooling may not only consume more electricity, but can also cause food to freeze in the fridge section.

Use energy-efficient appliances

Another cost-effective tip to save power is that you need to upgrade your appliances, and using very old electronics may be another reason for excessive power consumption. Try buying gadgets and appliances with a high energy star rating, which consumes less electricity when compared to standard models.

Cost-effective habits

  • Unplug appliances when not in use
  • Use LED bulbs
  • Take advantage of natural light during the day, avoid using lights

By implementing these tips, you could manage your electricity usage more effectively and keep your summer energy bills in check. It is important to take measures and make small adjustments in our household appliances which could lead us to substantial savings and a more sustainable lifestyle.

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