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Xiaomi’s upcoming wearable to detect if there are any hidden cameras around you

The upcoming wearable from Xiaomi will be able to give information about the photographs taken from the hidden camera. As soon as a picture is captured secretly, your wearable will give you the information about the shooting angle.

Written By: Saumya Nigam @snigam04 New Delhi Updated on: February 01, 2024 12:15 IST
Image Source : PIXABAY Camera

Xiaomi has reportedly patented a wearable device which could let you know about the secret cameras around you. This smart device by the Chinese tech player will work on an anti-peep method. This technology will let you detect any electronic equipment and storage media around you, that you cannot see- trace the device. Patented by Xiaomi, the new wearable will further notify you about the surreptitious photography. 

This story was first spotted on GizmoChina where the story reported that Xiaomi could be working on a wearable device which could prompt the user whenever they are being secretly photographed.

When will this wearable be launched?

By the time of writing, there had been no confirmed information related to the wearable’s launch in the market.

Detecting secret or hidden cameras: How will it work?

The upcoming wearable device by Xiaomi will be capable of getting information about the photograph taken from the camera as well as the shooting angle of any shooting device. As soon as a picture is captured by any secret camera, this device will give information about the shooting angle and shooting device.

About anti-peep function

As per the patent, the upcoming wearable from Xiaomi will be working on the anti-peep function. The device will alert the user when a secret camera is nearby. People's privacy can be protected through this device.

However, we cannot confirm any further details as the company has yet to reveal the specifications at the moment.

How will the anti-peep function work?

None of Xiaomi's current wearable devices, like smartwatches, fitness bands, etc., have a built-in camera. However, the anti-peep functionality is provided in Mi Rabbit Children's Watch. 

Apart from this, MIJIA Smart Glass further comes with an inbuilt camera, which supports anti-peep prompt functionality. Also, the company is working on many other wearables, which will come with anti-peep functionality shortly.

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