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Got split AC? Here's how you can prevent it from malfunctioning during monsoon

During the rainy season, the likelihood of damage to the outdoor unit of a split AC increases, which can lead to high repair costs. Here's how you can protect your split AC during the monsoon.

Written By: Om Gupta New Delhi Published on: July 11, 2024 15:09 IST
Split AC outdoor unit
Image Source : FREEPIK Split AC outdoor unit

During the monsoon season, the use of AC decreases, but there are still times when it's needed due to heat and high humidity. There is a higher chance of AC malfunctioning due to the outdoor unit during the rainy season. The problem is common with Split AC, which has its outdoor unit installed on the walls outside. 

The outdoor unit of an AC is typically installed on walls or roofs outside to allow for proper airflow. This also means it's exposed to dust and dirt in the summer and water during the rainy season. If the rainwater enters a split AC outdoor unit, it can cause damage to its circuit board causing it to malfunction. 

The outdoor unit of the AC is as important as the indoor unit. Any issues with the outdoor unit can result in inadequate cooling. 

Here's what you need to do to prevent your split AC’s outdoor unit

  • To prevent problems, the outdoor unit should be installed on a wall with a roof, ensuring no water can enter. 
  • Regular cleaning is also essential to prevent issues due to dust and mud.
  • Shading over the outdoor unit is important to prevent rainwater from entering and damaging the circuit. 

While manufacturers suggest the outdoor unit should be in the open, shading can protect it from water damage. 

Meanwhile, Wi-Fi routers, like smartphones, laptops, and other electronic gadgets, can overheat during the summer. Overheating can cause them to malfunction and disrupt your home's internet connectivity. With the intense heat this year, there is a high possibility of Wi-Fi routers overheating. Additionally, Wi-Fi routers may encounter problems during the monsoon due to high humidity in the air. If you have a Wi-Fi router installed in your house, it's important to keep these things in mind to prevent malfunction and ensure uninterrupted internet connectivity.

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