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Google to let you switch between different modes in Slides: Know-how

Google has announced a new feature in Google Slides which is capable of switching between different modes- Edit, View, and Comment. This update aims to enhance the user experience by providing more control over presentation interactions.

Edited By: Saumya Nigam @snigam04 New Delhi Published on: June 09, 2024 19:30 IST
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Image Source : GOOGLE SLIDE Google to let you switch between different modes in Slides

Google, a tech gaint has said that it is making it easier for the users to switch between different modes like edit, view and comment in Slides. If users are willing to hide comments within a presentation or avoid accidental edits, they can switch to view mode as well. Also, by choosing commenting mode, user will be able to hide all options associated with editing, but still allow users to read and add comments, the tech giant explained.

To change mode, users will have to navigate to the View - then Mode - then select a mode.

This capability will be available to Google Workspace customers, Google Workspace Individual subscribers, and users with personal Google accounts.

The tech giant also announced a feature that will let users scroll and zoom in or out on their content directly from Google Meet.

According to the company, this feature will eliminate the need to switch between tabs, helping users focus more on delivering their presentation.

Meanwhile, Google has rolled out features like "polls, Q&A, and reactions" on its video conferencing app Meet for mobile devices to make it easier for users to interact with people during a live stream.

According to the tech giant, this update is applicable for "ultra-low latency live streams" only, the standard live streaming experience remains the same.

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