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Google expands Gemini chatbot service in India and neighboring countries

Google Gemini, the chatbot which was only available on certain Pixel and Samsung Galaxy smartphones is now available in India and it's neighbouring countries- Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Turkey.

Written By: Saumya Nigam @snigam04 New Delhi Updated on: June 19, 2024 23:11 IST
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Google has taken a significant step towards expanding its chatbot technology called Gemini service across South Asian countries. This expansion is said to bring the app and its advanced features to the users of India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Turkey. Earlier, it was available in the selected markets, and this move aligns with Google's mission to make its AI-powered chatbot accessible to a broader audience in the region.

Global rollout and device compatibility

Initially, the Gemini chatbot was only available on certain Pixel and Samsung Galaxy smartphones, exclusively. However, with the latest expansion, the access was given to a wider array of devices. 

Specifically, any smartphone which is equipped with 6 GB RAM or more could use Gemini AI in the Messages app, without any hassle. This rollout democratizes the use of Google's advanced messaging tools and extends its reach to millions of new users.

Enhancing communication with Gemini AI

Gemini has been designed to enhance the communication experience of the users, by providing intelligent assistance in crafting messages and brainstorming ideas. By the time of writing, the chatbot supports languages like French (in Canada) and English (in several countries), with more languages expected to be added soon. 

Google has said that it has outlined its commitment to expand Gemini's linguistic and regional availability, aiming to provide seamless AI support to users worldwide.

Exclusion of European Union countries

Despite extensive reach, Gemini's rollout excludes European Union countries. This exclusion is major because of the regulatory complexities and compliance issues in the region. 

However, Google remains focused on resolving these hurdles and hopes to extend Gemini’s availability to EU regions in the future.

Gemini's reception and language support in India

Google expressed its excitement about launching Gemini in India and further said that the services are tailored to cater to the diverse linguistic landscape of India, supporting English and nine Indian languages- Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, Bengali, Gujarati, Telugu, and Urdu. This inclusivity further ensures that a vast segment of the Indian population could benefit from Gemini’s AI-powered messaging capabilities.

Gemini Advanced: Introduction

Along with the standard Gemini service, Google has also unleashed the Gemini Advanced, which is powered by 1.5 Pro technology. This version of Gemini comes with significant boosts for the chatbot’s capabilities, by offering a 1-million token context window, supporting document uploads, and advanced data analysis features. 

These enhancements are further designed to streamline user productivity and provide robust AI-driven assistance for more complex tasks.

Future expansions and enhancements from Google

Google’s Gemini and Gemini Advanced in South Asia marks a significant milestone in its global strategy. The company has further assured the users that the tech giant will continue to enhance the chatbot’s functionalities and expand its availability to more regions and languages. 

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