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Nokia or HMD? What's the future amidst recent changes? DEETS inside

Despite rebranding its website, HMD Global clarifies that Nokia phones will continue, assuring more releases in the future, as the company adopts a new multi-brand strategy alongside its HMD-branded phones.

Written By: Vishal Upadhyay New Delhi Published on: February 03, 2024 16:29 IST
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Recently, reports were suggesting that Nokia phones might vanish from the market. However, HMD Global, the company responsible for making and selling Nokia Android phones, has officially denied these rumours. While the Nokia Mobile website is undergoing a rebrand to HMD, it doesn't mean Nokia phones are going away.

HMD's New Approach: Multi-Brand Strategy

HMD Global clarified that the change from 'Nokia Mobile' to 'HMD' is more than just a name change; it's part of a new multi-brand strategy. This indicates that HMD will start making its own phones under the HMD brand alongside Nokia.

“I am sure you may have seen that at HMD, we are updating our channels from ‘Nokia Mobile’ to ‘HMD’. This change is more than just a new name – we’re introducing a fresh new multi-brand strategy,” HMD Global mentioned in its statement.

Nokia Lives On - More Phones Coming

Contrary to the speculations, HMD Global assured that Nokia phones will still be available in the market, and they plan to introduce new Nokia phones later this year and beyond. The company is looking forward to designing sustainable and affordable phones.

Transition Beyond Brand Licensing

The changes are likely occurring because HMD Global is evolving from being solely a brand licensee, allowing it to sell phones under its own brand name (HMD). While Nokia holds sentimental value in the market, HMD is gearing up for the next growth phase, focusing on two brands instead of one big entity.

Challenges Ahead for HMD? 

Whether it's called HMD or Nokia, the market has moved forward, and the company needs a more proactive approach to succeed. 

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