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Zoom video conferencing app sharing users' data with Facebook: Here's why you should be worried

Zoom is hiding information from the user about its data collection and data sharing practices and it has been sharing all users' data with Facebook. Here's what you can do.

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New Delhi Updated on: March 27, 2020 12:27 IST
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Zoom app is sharing data with Facebook.

As the coronavirus cases keep rising throughout the globe, more people are being assigned work from home. This has led to a sudden surge in the usage of video conferencing apps. Currently, one of the best professional apps for this is the Zoom app. While the app is available on Android, iOS as well as PC, it has been doing a weird thing on the iOS version of the app. Reports suggest that the Zoom iOS app has been sending users' data to Facebook even if they don't have an account on the platform.

Apps like Zoom take advantage of Facebook’s software development kits (SDKs) to add certain features to their apps. As Facebook provides the SDK, they get to access the user data for better optimization. However, according to the Facebook policies, the app developers are required to be transparent about the sharing of data with the social media giant. 

According to an investigation by Motherboard, Zoom does not provide sufficient information to users related to its data collection and data sharing practices. Strangely, the app also shares data of non-Facebook users with the company, which is even more alarming.

As per the Zoom’s privacy policy page, the users’ data is sent to Facebook when they log into the app using their Facebook accounts. However, this still does not justify why the comapny is also sharing the non-Facebook users' data.

As far as the details are concerned, Zoom sends a host of information to Facebook which includes the details about the time users open the Zoom app, the device being used, time zone and city and the mobile carrier information. This set of information can be used to bring targetted ads to the consumer.

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