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OnePlus 8 Pro has X-Ray Vision to see through plastic, clothes

OnePlus 8 Pro is part of the new OnePlus 8 series that also has the OnePlus 8. Read on to know more

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New Delhi Published on: May 15, 2020 19:03 IST
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OnePlus 8 Pro

OnePlus 8 series bets high on the cameras, especially the OnePlus 8 Pro. It has an attractive camera department with a 48MP quad-camera setup at the back, HDR, OIS, EIS, Portrait mode, Nightscape mode, and more. Among these features, there is one hidden feature that can see through objects -- X-Ray Vision. Read on to know more about the feature and see how it works.

OnePlus 8 Pro X-Ray Vision feature

According to a tweet by popular leakster Ben Geskin, OnePlus 8 Pro has a colour filter camera that can see through objects mostly in black. The tweet by Ben Geskin showcases the features on the Apple TV box, and the filter could show the inside of the object.

The X-Ray Vision feature makes use of the infrared sensors on the OnePlus 8 Pro to collect the infrared radiation not visible to the human naked eye. The feature can easily be enabled by heading to the camera app on the OnePlus 8 Pro>Select the colour filter option in the top right corner>Swipe through the filter options>Select the Photochrom colour filter and you are good to go.

As a reminder, a video by popular tech YouTube channel 'Unbox Therapy' also demonstrated the working of the feature on an Apple TV box, a Switch remote, and even a thin black T-Shirt, which worked too. One thing worth noting is that the filter works selectively and not all objects can be seen through the filter. It tends to work on really thin black plastic and clothes and at times, it doesn't even work on clothing items.

For those who don't know, there are various devices and smartphones that can capture infrared radiation that can't be seen just like that. There are thermal cameras and even night-vision goggles for the purpose. Various smartphones have also started incorporating infrared sensors. For instance, iPhones' TrueDepth sensor can also be used to form see-through pictures.

While the OnePlus X-Ray Vision colour filter tends to sound fun, it also raises privacy concerns as it succeeds in seeing through clothes with ease. A Reddit user seems to confirm it but the functionality is quite limited. However, if it works, OnePlus might have to do something about it to stop its misuse. To recall, Sony introduced a camcorder in the 1990's with a similar feature but had to stop selling it since it could see through clothes.

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