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Google Translate: How hackers are using this app to steal your data

Google Translate: Here's how hackers are getting into your personal data using this popular app.

India TV Tech Desk Written by: India TV Tech Desk New Delhi Updated on: December 03, 2019 14:11 IST
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Google Translate

From social media to just doing a simple word search, everything requires the Internet these days. Most people around the globe have already entered the world of the Internet or they are about to experience it soon. Since it has become a major part of our lives, most of our personal information and other data are also linked there. This is where cybercrime comes in and hackers steal your data either to sell it off to someone or use it for their own benefits. According to a recent report, hackers have been using Google Translate to steal private user data.

Due to a loophole in the application, the hackers are able to create successful phishing attacks. In order to do this, the hackers are simply sending over phishing emails and they are passing their phishing page URL through Google Translate and use the newly generated Google Translate URL instead. This way the hackers are easily able to get the data they need without making the hack suspicious.

Using links like these, hackers are able to make sure that users will click on the link and it will be redirected to the Google Translate portal. Here, the phishing page loads with the regular Google Translate toolbar on top.

However, this trick is not working very well on desktops since they offer multiple signs that can alert the user about the phishing attacks. Android smartphones or tablets are getting the most affected with this loophole.

The hack was reported by ZDNet and a Google Spokesperson told ZDNet, "We are aware of the phishing attempts and have blocked all sites in question, on multiple levels. If users encounter a phishing site, they can report them at this URL and we will take appropriate action:"





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