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China aims to reduce human contact with first robot restaurant complex with AI and robots

Amid the Coronavirus pandemic, robots could be the need of the hour to maintain social distancing and not letting industries succumbing to the virus

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New Delhi Published on: July 13, 2020 10:36 IST
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Robots in China's restaurants

The Coronavirus pandemic has forced us all to maintain social distancing and ensure less human contact. Acting upon the same, China has brought technology into play and launched the first robot restaurant complex filled with AI and robots. Read on to know more about this.

China's robot restaurant complex

China's FOODOM Tianjiang Food Kingdom is a new robot restaurant complex that deploys robot chefs and waiters so that people can eat from restaurants without any fear of the virus. The food complex will ensure hygiene and no human contact, which are the reasons people hesitate from going out and eating in restaurants amid the COVID-19 crisis.

The restaurant complex has a capacity of 600 diners with 40 robots who can wait on people and cook the traditional Cantonese cuisine a restaurant is known for. The pink/white robots have grasped their cooking skills by imitating the experienced human chefs and can make up to 200 Cantonese dishes. 

Once users will enter the complex, they will be greeted by the robots and their orders will be taken. The orders will be passed to the kitchen and once ready, it will be delivered to users via a Skyrail system or brought in on a tray to dismiss any human interaction.

Robots have become a need of the hour given that most of the industries need a less human touch for their businesses to sustain. People are making use of robots in various sectors such as hotels, travel, hospitality, and more amid the pandemic. In India, several hotel chains such as Hyatt, Dr Reddy’s, and ITC are already taking the help of floor cleaning robots from Milagrow Humantech, to disinfect and maintain hygiene as they started operations.

While it certainly devoids us of the human touch, it will become new normal due to the current Coronvirus situation.

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