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Virtual Platforms acing the events market in 2021

Below are some of the virtual events platforms that have aced in holding virtual events and rendering services to the delegates.

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New Delhi Published on: April 01, 2021 17:22 IST
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Virtual Platforms acing the events market in 2021.

The Covid-19 outbreak has hit all the sectors very hard. Institutions and organizations are still trying to mould themselves with the sudden change from physical to online classes. Talking in terms of activities, both local and formal activities had been postponed taking the current situation into consideration. However, the workflow hasn’t really stopped. It’s just the medium that has changed, and we as human beings are taking time to get a hang of it.

Digital platforms have made us analyse the potential inside us. Many companies have temporarily switched to virtual events. A lot of organizations, event teams, and even educational institutions have switched to virtual events, and gradually virtual events are proving to be just as powerful as physical events.

Below are some of the virtual events platforms that have aced in holding virtual events and rendering services to the delegates.


The Jaipur-based company offers an interaction between two parties, meetings, group discussions with the most advanced and custom-made technology to lead a nurturing environment, and drive ideal engagements. It arranges virtual Annual General Meeting (AGM), virtual town hall meetings, virtual award shows, virtual meetings for companies, which is termed as a suitable format to organise meetings or shows.

The company offers virtual, hybrid events, webinars, and streaming solutions by engaging larger audience on web across the world. The platform also maintains archives of events, conference videos, Q&A, and sessions. It hosts multiple sessions and also gives them social media space on their respective businesses.

Almond Virtex

Almond Virtex which is known for its virtual events and social affair or virtual platform, holds 5 Guinness Book of World Records. It renders virtual events to organizations, colleges, event companies, and some other, too. It is developed by technologists who turned experiential experts who are aware of the fact that there is a vast difference between a physical event and virtual event. It is adaptable, customizable and can hold any virtual event like property exhibition, large scale meetings, live video conferences and interviews. 


Airmeet is a one-word answer for all virtual occasions. It is perhaps the best stage for networking. The platform helps in facilitating large online exercises that empower countless individuals to meet up. The application gives simple admittance to members who can be essential for the occasion without doing anything regarding downloading or drop-offs.


It provides both a website and mobile solution which further helps to create a special interactive event environment that engages your guests, empowers your presenters and helps you to fulfil your event objectives. Providing an engaging tool is the platform to get involved in any strategic move and to be a "hub" for both presenters and stakeholders. Become the hero of the conference! 


Socio provides event technology to customers while giving them top-notch support. With customers including Google, Microsoft, PepsiCo, and Hyundai, Socio conducts a huge number of virtual meetups consistently. The team at Socio believe that technology can help in making things easier, offer authentic connection, and give a customized experience. Socio aims at creating the only virtual event management network that the customer may want. 

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