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Pro Kabaddi League 2017, Highlights Match 6: Bengaluru Bulls defeat Telugu Titans by 31-21

Bengaluru Bulls win the match by 10 points as they were exceptional right from the start and knew Telugu Titan's players moves to defeat them in their own backyard. The Bull won over the Titans by 31-21.

Reported by: Brett Ellis, Hyderabad [ Updated: July 30, 2017 22:27 IST ]
Image Source : FACEBOOK: VIVO PKL 2017 Pro Kabaddi League 2017 match 6 Telugu Titans vs Bengaluru Bulls.

Pro Kabaddi League Season 2017, Match 6 where Telugu Titans lost to  Bengaluru Bulls by 10 points with the score 31-21 at the Gachibowli Indoor Stadium, in Hyderabad in Zone B. Telugu Titans lost their second match but with the season still young, Telugu Titans have alot to amend in their plans. Bengaluru Bulls played their first match today while Telugu Titans have now played 3 matches where they have won one match and lost two matches.  


Player of the Match is presented to Bengaluru Bull's Mahender Singh with 4 tackles.

Perfect Raider is presented to Rohit Kumar from Bengaluru Bulls with 18 raids with 10 raid Points.

22.12 IST: Bengaluru Bulls win the match. They lead by 10 points as they defeat Telugu Titans 31-21. 

22.11 IST: Bengaluru Bulls get an ALL OUT as they achive 2 points more. 19-31

22.10 IST: A Super Raid successful as Bengaluru Bulls get 3 points to lead. 18-28

22.08 IST: Bengaluru Bulls get a point by tackling Rahul Chaudhari out of the mat. 18-25  

22.06 IST: Telugu Titans raider gets a point on his neat touch. 17-24

22.04 IST: Rohit Kumar gets a point on his do or die raid for Bengaluru Bulls. 16-24.

22.03 IST: Bengaluru Bulls get a point on their superb defence. 16-23.

22.02 IST: Bengaluru Bulls grab the raider before he reaches the half line to lead. 16-22

22.01 IST: Telugu Titans grapple Bengaluru's raider to get a point. 16-21. 

21.57 IST: Telugu Titans get a point. 15-21. 

21.55 IST: Bengaluru Bulls grab Rahul to get a point to lead. Rahul sent to the bench. 14-21

21.53 IST: Bengaluru Bulls achieve a bonus point to lead. 14-20.

21.52 IST: Telugu Titan's raider Rahul gets a touch to get a point. 14-19

21.51 IST: Bengaluru Bulls bring back Telugu's raider to get a point. 13-19

21.50 IST: Rahul gets a point on his raid for Telugu Titans. 13-18

21.49 IST: The defence send's Bengaluru Bulls raider over the line to get a point to lead. 12-18

21.48 IST: Do or Die raid for Bengaluru Bulls but Telugu Titans smash the raider down to the mat to get a point. 12-17

21.47 IST: Telugu Titans get a bonus point with Rahul up front. 11-17

21.46 IST: Bengaluru Bulls defend well to achieve a point. 10-17

21.46 IST: Bengaluru Bulls starts the second half with a point to lead. 10-16

21.40 IST: Do or Die raid successfull for Bengaluru Bulls as they get a point. 10-15

21.36 IST: Salunke gets a touch to receive a point for Telugu Titans. 10-14

21.35 IST: Salunke gets a perfect raid for Telugu Titans. 9-14

21.34 IST: Telugu Titans defend perfectly in a do or die raid from Bengaluru Bulls. 8-14 

21.32 IST: Telugu Titans get a point in their superb defence. 7-14

21.31 IST: Bengaluru Bulls get 2 points on their raid. 5-14.

21.30 IST: Telugu Titans get a point on sending a defender into the orange zone. 6-12

21.29 IST: Bengaluru Bulls lead by 7 points as they have a successful raid. 5-12.

21.28 IST: Both teams get a point each. 4-9

21.28 IST: Telugu get a point on their defence. 3-8.

21.26 IST: Bengaluru Bulls get 2 points on their raid as a successful 'dubki' is completed. 2-8

21.24 IST: Bengaluru defence tackles Telugu's raider to get a point. Rahul sent to the bench. 2-6

21.23 IST: Rohit Kumar gets 2 points for Bengaluru Bulls on his successful raid to lead. 2-5

21.22 IST: Bengaluru Bulls get a point on their spot on tackle. 2-3

21.19 IST: Rohit Kumar gets a  bonus point for Bengaluru Bulls on his raid. 2-2.

21.18 IST: Rahul Chaudhari gets his raid and completes his 500th Raid. Poster boy has done it as Telugu Titans lead.2-0

21.16 IST: The play starts as Vikas picks the first point for Telugu Titans. 1-0.

21.14 IST: Team captains are called for the toss. Bengaluru Bulls wins the toss and chooses the court.

21.11 IST: Led by Rahul Chaudhari enters home side Telugu Titans.

21.10 IST: Bengaluru Bulls make their way into the arena.

Bangalore are ready for the fight.



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