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IPL 2020 | Spirit of Cricket is a grey area: KKR skipper Dinesh Karthik on Mankading

Karthik also called for the rule being more "watertight and either black or white".

India TV Sports Desk Written by: India TV Sports Desk
New Delhi Published on: August 23, 2020 18:49 IST
Dinesh Karthik
Image Source : IPLT20.COM

Dinesh Karthik

Mankading has and always will be the most debatable dismissal in cricket. And weighing in on the debate, Kolkata Knight Riders captain Dinesh Karthik opined that the bowlers should be allowed to run out the non-strike if found outside the crease with no 'spirit of cricket' notion to judge it. The veteran Indian cricketer also called for the rule being more "watertight and either black or white".

"I think every time a batsman crosses [the line before the ball is delivered], the bowler should be allowed to create a run out," Karthik told Cricketnext. "I don't think there is any spirit of cricket question that is there in that. Because I feel if a batsman nicks a ball and he doesn't walk, where is the spirit then?

"I think you need to be fair. You should take it out of the bowler's hand and the umpire's hand. It is either out or not out, that's all. There is no question of asking the captain, asking the referee and those kinds of things. I think a batsman at the point of delivery should definitely stay within the crease. It's as simple as that.

"If the batsman goes out, then the bowler can dislodge the bails and there should be no question about that. Because that means every time the batsman does that, and people feel the bowler - by creating a run out is cheating - then every time a batsman taking two metres is cheating again. So why does nobody complain about the batsman backing up? That's always been my view."

Mankading debate recently took shape after Delhi Capitals head coach Ricky Ponting said that he would have a "hard conversation" with R Ashwin over such dismissals. He said, "That's not going to be the way that we play our cricket".

Ashwin had mankaded Jos Buttler back in IPL 2019 which sparked the whole debate surrounding this dismissal leaving the cricket world divided. While some defended Ashwin saying that the dismissal is well within the rules of cricket, others felt it was against the "spirit of cricket". 

"Rules need to be watertight and there is no question of... it's either black or white, it's as simple as that," he said. "There should be no grey areas for people to use a loophole and find out. Spirit of cricket I feel is a massive grey area that people tend to use whenever they're not comfortable with something that they're doing.

"Then they get a little too personal, they get into the player's personality, start judging people on what they've done. I think that's a bit unfair. I think the rules need to be very clear. It should be out or not out. If it's out or not out, the bowler and the fielding team have the ability to do it every time. As simple as that. If the rule applies to the bowling team, I'm sure when they start to bat the opponent can also do it. It needs to be very simple and clear."

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