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Highlights, IPL 2018 Match 42: Dhawan, Williamson power Sunrisers Hyderabad to emphatic 9-wicket win

Cricket Score Live Updates – Delhi Daredevils vs Sunrisers Hyderabad, 42nd Match: Watch VIVO IPL 2018 Cricket Score Live Updates from Feroz Shah Kotla, Delhi, Cricket Match Live on Hotstar, reliance jio, airtel tv, and India TV Sports.

Reported by: India TV Sports Desk, New Delhi [ Updated: May 10, 2018 23:54 IST ]
Image Source : IPLT20

Live Score, Delhi Daredevils vs Sunrisers Hyderabad, IPL 2018 Match 42: Shikhar Dhawan, Kane Williamson in action


IPL 2018 HIGHLIGHTS, DD vs SRH, Match 42 at Feroz Shah Kotla: Hello and welcome to our live coverage of the 42nd match of the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2018 between Delhi Daredevils and Sunrisers Hyderabad at the Feroz Shah Kotla, Delhi. Missing IPL live cricket action on TV? Catch all the latest cricket scores, live updates and ball-by-ball commentary through our live blog. Bottom-placed Delhi Daredevils will be desperate to seal a victory to stay alive in the IPL 2018. However, they have a huge wall to scale as they host table-toppers Sunrisers Hyderabad at the Feroz Shah Kotla, Delhi, today. Meeting Hyderabad for the second time in the 11th edition of the IPL, Shreyas Iyer-led team will have to win today to have any chance of progressing further in the tournament. When they last met on May 5, Delhi rode on a sublime 65-run knock from the highly-talented Prithvi Shaw to put up a challenging 163 against Sunrisers in their away game at Hyderabad. But they were unable to defend 28 runs off the last two overs with the experienced Dan Christian and Trent Boult letting the team down. Delhi could have won rather easily if they held on to the catches of Sunrisers opener Alex Hales and Yusuf Pathan, who eventually got his team over the line with a 12-ball 27. (SCORECARD)


23.26 IST: Sunrisers Hyderabad (191/1) beat Delhi Daredevils (187/5) by 9 wickets at Feroz Shah Kotla. Dhawan 92*, Williamson 83*. Trent Boult to Kane Williamson, FOUR! And there it is! The winning runs come off the skipper's bat. Rightly so, he's been phenomenal again. Around the wicket, full toss on middle and off, Kane Williamson whips this over mid-wicket with supreme elegance and finishing things off with a boundary. HYDERABAD WIN BY 9 WICKETS!

23.24 IST: FOUR! Short ball, Dhawan slaps the pull through mid-wicket, all the way to the boundary line. He moves into the 90s, but there are just two runs left to win.

23.20 IST: FOUR! Too full in length, overpitched really and he is punished. Williamson makes room and drills it through the left of the diving mid off fielder for a boundary. Just 8 to win off 12. SRH 180/1 in 18 overs.

23.14 IST: FOUR! Dhawan drives it with great perfection! Full and wide, no second invitation needed for Dhawan to slap that through the covers. Beats the man in the deep and finds the fence. The 150-run stand comes up.

23.09 IST: After 16 overs, SRH are 164/1, 24 runs away from victory. Liam Plunkett to Shikhar Dhawan, 1 run. Short of a good length outside off, dabbed square on the off side for a single. Run a ball now, 24 off 24.

23.08 IST: SIX! Short ball into the body, Williamson pulls it over fine leg. It cannons into the boundary rope and that's a biggie. The umpire just checks upstairs to confirm, it is a biggie. Kane had taken the back seat till now as Dhawan to firing away, but now he too joins in on the action. SRH 162/1 in 15.4 overs.

23.02 IST: FOUR! Wonderful shot! Williamson continues with his rich vein of form. Full and wide outside off, he makes room and steers this square through point. Another boundary, second of the over.

23.00 IST: FIFTY! Kane Williamson hits his 9th IPL half-century. Like his partner, brings it up in some style. Length delivery cutting back in, Williamson goes leg side as he whips this behind square leg. Nobody out there in the deep and he'll pick up a boundary. Sunrisers Hyderabad 143/1 in 14.1 overs against Delhi Daredevils (187/5) at Feroz Shah Kotla

22.59 IST: Trent Boult is back.

22.56 IST: FOUR! Dropped short and he pays the price for it. Short and angling in, Dhawan backs away, goes deep inside the crease and pulls it powerfully through square leg. No stopping that one. Hit too well.

22.54 IST: SIX! What a way to finish an over! 18 off the over, this is massive for the away side. Nadeem stays brave and loops it up there, Dhawan throws his front leg out of the way and sends it travelling deep into the mid-wicket stands for a huge maximum.

22.50 IST: SIX! Down the ground! Smoked! Tossed up on off, Dhawan's eyes light up instantly and he lofts it over long on. A nice extension of the arms and he sends it sailing. Superb. The 100-run stand is up with this as well. SRH 118/1 in 12.1 overs.

22.45 IST: FIFTY! Shikhar Dhawan hits his 30th IPL half-century. What a way to bring it up too. He's finally come back to form, Hyderabad would love this. Back of a length on off, the left-hander camps back and muscles the pull over mid-wicket. Sends it across the fence on the bounce and gets to the milestone. Sunrisers Hyderabad 109/1 in 11.3 overs against Delhi Daredevils (187/5) at Feroz Shah Kotla.

22.43 IST: FOUR! Good play all around. Seeing Dhawan give the charge, Mishra tries to be smart and fires it full and down the leg side. Almost worked too, but Dhawan was alert to the situation and he manages to get some bat on it. Works it fine down the leg side and picks up a boundary. SRH 104/1 in 10.5 overs.

22.41 IST: SIX! Sweet. Too full, too much flight and Williamson has made Mishra pay for that. He picks it up early, kneels down and slog sweeps it over mid-wicket for a biggie.

22.36 IST: FOUR! Back-to-back boundaries by Williamson! Again! Same ball, he isn't bowling to the field. Fires it full and wide outside off, Williamson once again plays the same shot, in the same place and gets the same result.

22.34 IST: FOUR! That's a superb shot! Poor ball though, particularly with a leg side-heavy field. Beautiful shot though, had plenty still left to do. Full and wide outside off, Williamson drives it well through the left of mid off for a boundary.

22.31 IST: FOUR! Shot! Makes good use of the feet, gets to the pitch of the ball and drills it straight back down the ground. Good timing from Dhawan, he beats the man in the deep. Hit it quite straight too, which was the key. SRH 80/1 in 9 overs.

22.28 IST: SRH 72/1 in 8 overs. Vijay Shankar to Shikhar Dhawan, 1 run. Some room offered outside off, slightly fullish in length, driven through to sweeper cover for one.

22.25 IST: FOUR! What a pick up shot! Oh, what a hit! Superb. Dhawan is looking in fine touch tonight, brings up the 50-run stand up with that. Full on off, Dhawan swings across the line and gets it off the meat. Clear mid-wicket as he sends it into the stands.

22.24 IST: FOUR! Takes the aerial route and gets the desired result! Fuller in length and it clears mid off to go across the rope. SRH 62/1 in 7.2 overs.

22.20 IST: FOUR! Superb stroke. Spinning away from outside off, it bounces a touch as well. Williamson stands tall and bisects the gap between short third man and backward point excellently. A boundary results.

22.15 IST: SIX! Dhawan smashes that and it goes all the way. Last over of the Powerplay, so Dhawan wants to make full use of it. Powerful hit. It's full and in his arc, he just launches it over the long on fence and gets a biggie to his name. SRH 48/1 in 5.2 overs

22.13 IST: FOUR!Tried it before, executes it perfectly on this occasion. Length delivery outside off, Kane cuts it late and finds the third man boundary this time. SRH 38/1 in 5

22.10 IST: Starts from around the wicket to Dhawan and angles in a length ball on middle and leg, Shikhar comes out of his crease, attempts to loft it over the leg side but gets it off the thigh pad behind square on the leg side. Leg bye taken. SRH 31/1 in 4.1 overs

22.07 IST: FOUR! Some room outside off and Shikhar Dhawan puts this away. Fuller length ball outside off, Dhawan frees his arms and drives this sweetly on the up. Beats the man in the covers and sends it across the rope. SRH 26/1 in 3.3 overs

22.05 IST: Fired full, fast and flat outside off, Dhawan gives the charge and drills it to mid off. Keeps going and scampers to the other end, beating the throw at his end. SRH 20/1 in 3 overs

22.02 IST: Easily off the mark. Short of a good length outside off, Williamson runs it down to third man with an open face and picks up a single. SRH 17/1 in 2.1 overs

21.59 IST: OUT! Harshal Patel removes Alex Hales for 14. Plumb! No doubt about it. Even a blind man would have given it out. Patel bowls it full and straight, Hales looks to flick but misses and is caught flush in front of the sticks. Appeal goes up and there's no trouble for the umpire to raise his finger. It was actually the slower ball which did the trick. Forced Hales early into the shot and got the result. SRH 15/1 in 1.5 overs

21.58 IST: FOUR! Good start for Hales and Hyderabad. Consecutive boundaries here. Shortish in length and coming in, too straight in line as Hales swivels and pulls it along the ground through backward square leg for a boundary. SRH 15/0 in 1.4 overs

21.57 IST: FOUR!  Shot. Short of a good length outside off, Hales has some width on offer and he uses it well. Cuts it past cover-point and finds the fence. SRH 11/0 in 1.3 overs

21.54 IST: FOUR! Nobody moved a muscle! Super shot from Hales! Short of a length ball on the stumps, the Englishman stands tall and pulls it with disdain to the mid-wicket boundary. SRH 6/0 in 0.5 overs

21.52 IST: Welcome back. Hyderabad opening pair is out, big responsibility of the shoulders of Shikhar Dhawan and Alex Hales to provide their team with a good start. Trent Boult to bowl with the new ball for Delhi.

21.45 IST: Delhi Daredevils' Rishabh Pant slams maiden IPL century at Feroz Shah Kotla

21.38 IST: Delhi Daredevils post 187/5 in 20 overs against Sunrisers Hyderabad at Feroz Shah Kotla. Pant 128*, Shakib 2/27. SIX! Add six more it! Phew, what a terrific knock from Pant! Everyone in the stadium are up on their feet! Length ball from Kumar and Pant goes for the heave, he connects well and sends it over the mid-wicket fence for six more. 26 runs from the final over and Delhi have raced to 187!

21.37 IST: SIX! Amazing strike! He just smashed it with one hand! Short of a length ball outside off, Pant goes for the pull, his bottom hand comes off the bat but he still goes through with the shot. Bludgeons it over long on for a six.

21.36 IST: SIX! Pant taking Kumar to the cleaners! He is in some serious form! Short of a length ball on the stumps. He goes right across his stumps and mauls it into the stands over the fine leg fence.

21.35 IST: FOUR! Here comes another one! Wow, what adjustment from Pant! He is all set to scoop this one, but seeing the length on the off stump line. He changes his shot at the very last moment and still executes it to perfection. Scoops it nicely over the man at short third man!

21.34 IST: FOUR! Incredible striking from Pant, you won't find such strokes in any coaching manual! He goes right back in his crease and ramps it over the man at short third man for a boundary. DD 165/5 in 19.2 overs.

21.33 IST: OUT! Bhuvneshwar removes Maxwell 9. That has gone high in the air and Hales takes a safe catch at long off! Kumar strikes but doesn't matter at this stage. Delhi are looking for quick runs and they lose Maxwell in the process! Importantly for the hosts Pant gets the strike! Knuckle ball outside off, Maxwell goes for the big shot, he splices it to long off, fielder runs in from the deep and keeps his eyes on it. Hales ensures he pouches it safely. Delhi Daredevils 161/5 in 19.1 overs vs Sunrisers Hyderabad at Feroz Shah Kotla.

21.30 IST: FOUR! BANG! Maxwell joins the party! Low full toss on the stumps, he sits on the back foot and smashes it hard past the bowler. The ball races away to the long off fence.

21.28 IST: Rishabh Pant hits maiden IPL century off 56 balls. FOUR! Pant, you beauty! Take a bow, young man! This has been one special knock from the Delhi wicket-keeper batsman! His maiden Indian T20 League hundred! Low full toss on the stumps, he moves across and blasts it away over the man at mid-wicket for a boundary. Delhi Daredevils 155/4 in 18.2 overs vs Sunrisers Hyderabad at Feroz Shah Kotla.

21.24 IST: FOUR! Tough to describe this stroke! Good length ball on off, Pant looks to scoop that initially, changes his shot seeing it outside off, he manages to ramp that over the man at short third man for a boundary.

21.22 IST: FOUR! Carts it hard over the covers and that's four more! He moves into 90's! Length ball outside off stump, Pant stays in his crease and spanks it hard over the infield for a boundary.

21.21 IST: SIX! That is huge! MONSTOR BLOW! Pant is on 86 and needs just 14 more to get to a century! Full pitch delivery on the stumps, he goes across and muscles it over the mid-wicket fence for a maximum.

21.17 IST: SIX! Nailed it! That's into the 2nd tier! Floated delivery on the stumps, Pant charges down the track and lofts it cleanly over long off fence for half a dozen. DD 130/4 in 16.2 overs.

21.15 IST: FOUR! Whacked it! Superb strike! Loopy ball on the off stump line, Pant gets into position quickly and reverse sweeps it hard to the point boundary.

21.09 IST: SIX! Another biggie from Pant! He is in the mood watch out Hyderabad! Full pitch delivery right in the slot and Pant mauls it over long on fence for another big hit.

21.07 IST: FOUR! Another powerful strike from Pant! Floated delivery on off, he dances down the track and smashes it hard past the bowler and splits the gap to perfection between the fielder at long on and long off.

21.05 IST: FIFTY! Rishabh Pant hits his 7th IPL half-century. SIX! BANG! Pant goes big, he sits down on one knee and clobbers it miles over the mid-wicket fence for a huge six. This is Pant's seventh Indian T20 League fifty! Delhi Daredevils 104/4 in 14.1 overs vs Sunrisers Hyderabad at Feroz Shah Kotla.

21.04 IST: Shakib Al Hasan comes to bowl a new spell.

21.03 IST: OUT! Harshal Patel run out 24. Complete circus in the middle! Flatter ball on the stumps, Pant works it to deep mid-wicket. Once again there is a mix-up between the Delhi pair and both the batsmen were at a hand-shaking distance and it was an easy run-out chance but the keeper didn't collect the throw cleanly. He recovers quickly and underarms it on to the stumps. Patel tries to make it with a full length dive but fails. And that's the end of a wonderful partnership! Delhi Daredevils 98/4 in 14 overs vs Sunrisers Hyderabad at Feroz Shah Kotla.

20.58 IST: FOUR! Sandeep errs in line and Pant whips it away with ease! Length ball on the leg stump line, Pant gets inside the line of the delivery and gets enough wood on it as he glances it to the fine leg boundary.

20.56 IST: SIX! Oh yes! Colossal strike from Patel! Short of a length ball on the stumps, Patel goes right back and whacks it with immense power over cow corner for half a dozen.

20.54 IST: FOUR! DD 81/3 in 12 overs.

20.50 IST: FOUR! More runs! 12 from the over already and still two balls to go! Another short of a length ball on the pads and Pant whacks it flat-batted to the square leg boundary.

20.48 IST: SIX! Pulled it with lot of power! That's the first six of the match! A real half tracker from Kaul, the batsman is quick to spot that. He rocks back and smokes it flat over mid-wicket fence for a six.

20.45 IST: Just 4 runs from the over. Rashid Khan to Harshal Patel, no run. Beaten! Floated leg break from Rashid, the batsman looks to play the drive, he misses it to the keeper. Was there an edge? No real disappointment shown by the Hyderabad fielders. Replays show there was no outside edge. DD 52/3 in 10 overs.

20.42 IST: Rashid Khan gets the ball and he is ready to start his spell in this game.

20.40 IST: DD 48/3 in 9 overs. Shakib Al Hasan to Rishabh Pant, no run. Pant dances down the track and pushes it back to the bowler.

20.35 IST: Harshal Patel is the new man in.

20.34 IST: OUT! Shreyas Iyer run out for 3. Another big blow to Delhi! Shreyas Iyer departs without making an impact with the bat! Short of a length ball on the stumps, Pant went back to punch that, he gets an inside edge on the thigh pad and the ball rolls behind the wicket on the off side. Keeper attacks the ball and throws it to the bowler, who breaks the stumps quickly. Iyer was miles down the track looking for a run and he had no chance of returning back. Delhi Daredevils 43/3 in 7.4 overs vs Sunrisers Hyderabad at Feroz Shah Kotla.

20.31 IST: Sandeep Sharma comes to bowl another spell in this game.

20.25 IST: FOUR! Make that three in a row! Streaky but they all count! Length ball outside off, Pant throws his bat at it again, he gets a bottom edge which rolls past the keeper and races to the third man fence.

20.23 IST: FOUR! And again, maybe even better! On a good length a much better delivery but Pant gets right on top of the bounce and powers it through point for a boundary. Back-to-back boundaries for Pant.

20.21 IST: FOUR! Hammered by Pant! Too much width on offer and Pant needs no second invitation. He camps on the back foot and slaps it hard through the cover region for a boundary.

20.20 IST: Siddharth Kaul comes to bowl.

20.19 IST: Rishabh Pant comes to bat.

20.18 IST: OUT! Shakib removes Roy for 11. Two in two for Shakib, he is spinning his web over Delhi. Cleverly bowled by Shakib, he once again gives a lot of air and the ball tweaks sharply past the batsman who charges down the track and looks to defend that one. He gets a feather touch on it and keeper makes no mistake. Shakib is on a hat-trick. Delhi Daredevils 21/2 in 4 overs vs Sunrisers Hyderabad at Feroz Shah Kotla.

20.17 IST: Shreyas Iyer is the next man in.

20.16 IST: OUT! Shakib removes Prithvi Shaw for 9. Shakib strikes! Wily old fox provides the breakthrough to Hyderabad! He bowls this one slower through the air and it sticks in the surface. Shaw goes on the back foot aiming to pull that one. He was too early into the shot and gets a top edge to extra cover. Dhawan calls for it and settles under the skier. Once again Shaw once again promised a lot but doesn't deliver. Delhi Daredevils 21/1 in 3.5 overs vs Sunrisers Hyderabad at Feroz Shah Kotla.

20.14 IST: FOUR! Top shot from Shaw! Faster one on the stumps, he charges down the track and smashes it with all his might past his partner. The ball races away to long on fence. DD 21/0 in 3.3 overs.

20.13 IST: Shakib Al Hasan comes to bowl.

20.10 IST: FOUR! Roy impresses with a great timing! Up and over! Neat strike from Roy! Length ball on the stumps, just chips it neatly back over the bowler's head and the ball races away to the long off fence. DD 15/0 in 2.3 overs.

20.06 IST: FOUR! Roy finds the gap! Smashed it! Roy is off and running! Fuller length ball outside off, he just leans into the drive and creams it through the covers for a boundary. DD 8/0 in 1.2 overs.

20.04 IST: Just three runs from the first over. Bhuvneshwar Kumar to Jason Roy, no run. Roy walks right across his stumps aiming to flick that one. He misses it and the ball hits him above the knee roll. Good start from Kumar, just concedes three runs!

20.02 IST: Bhuvneshwar Kumar to Prithvi Shaw, 2 runs. Shaw works it past the man at mid-wicket, they rush back for the second run. Opens the account for Delhi with that shot.

20.00 IST: Prithvi Shaw and Jason Roy walk out to bat for Delhi. Hyderabad side is in the final team huddle and out comes the umpires. We are all set to go. Bhuvneshwar Kumar has the new ball and he will open the attack for Hyderabad.

19.55 IST: PITCH REPORT! Matthew Hayden says it is a typical Delhi wicket and looks a good surface, though there are enough cracks on the wicket and it has a biscuit brown appearance to it. He further adds the spinners will be wanting to bowl on this wicket as there will be enough assistance for them. Feels the Delhi batsmen need to attack in the middle overs which is the phase where Hyderabad have dominated with the ball. Informs the team batting first has won 5 out of 6 games here and states that the average score batting first is 180, but it has been a lot lesser this season. He ends by asking - can the team batting second change the trend tonight?

19.50 IST: "We would have batted first as well. Tough to predict the pitch and it looked dry, hopefully our bowlers can make some early inroads. (On the toss) Part and parcel of the game. Hard to control that, either you get to do it first or you don't. We chased last game. We can make improvements in all areas still, moving forward to the back half of the tournament. Don't want to get ahead of ourselves. Important to adapt to the surfaces we get. Just one change, Goswami comes in for Saha who is injured," Williamson says at the toss.

19.45 IST: "We've been really confident in the last few games. We've done well doing so in the last few games and the batsmen look confident. We have to stay calm and not worry too much about the results. The attitude and character that we show on the field will improve the team's bonding. We've three changes - Shahbaz Nadeem, Jason Roy and Harshal Patel come in," Shreyas Iyer says after winning the toss.

19.40 IST: Delhi Daredevils Playing XI: Prithvi Shaw, Jason Roy, Shreyas Iyer (c), Rishabh Pant (w), Glenn Maxwell, Vijay Shankar, Liam Plunkett, Harshal Patel, Amit Mishra, Shahbaz Nadeem, Trent Boult

India Tv - Delhi Daredevils Playing XI

Delhi Daredevils Playing XI

19.35 IST: Sunrisers Hyderabad Playing XI: Alex Hales, Shikhar Dhawan, Kane Williamson (c), Manish Pandey, Shakib Al Hasan, Yusuf Pathan, Shreevats Goswami (w), Rashid Khan, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Siddarth Kaul, Sandeep Sharma

India Tv - Sunrisers Hyderabad Playing XI

Sunrisers Hyderabad Playing XI

19.30 IST: Delhi Daredevils win toss, opt to bat against Sunrisers Hyderabad at Feroz Shah Kotla.

19.20 IST: Shreyas Iyer has scored three fifties in three games at the Kotla and eyeing a fourth in a row.

19.10 IST: Delhi spinner Amit Mishra has dismissed Hyderabad opener Shikhar Dhawan thrice in the IPL so far.

19.00 IST: Just one hour to go for DD vs SRH.

18.50 IST: Here are the IPL teams for the match number 42 between Hyderabad and Delhi.

Sunrisers Hyderabad: Kane Williamson (C), Shikhar Dhawan, Manish Pandey, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Wriddhiman Saha, Siddharth Kaul, Deepak Hooda, Khaleel Ahmed, Sandeep Sharma, Yusuf Pathan, Shreevats Goswami, Ricky Bhui, Basil Thampi, T Natarajan, Sachin Baby, Bipul Sharma, Mehdi Hasan, Tanmay Agarwal, Alex Hales, Carlos Brathwaite, Rashid Khan, Shakib Al Hasan, Mohammad Nabi and Chris Jordan.

Delhi Daredevils: Shreyas Iyer (C), Rishabh Pant, Glenn Maxwell, Gautam Gambhir, Jason Roy, Colin Munro, Mohammed Shami, Amit Mishra, Prithvi Shaw, Rahul Tewatia, Vijay Shankar, Harshal Patel, Avesh Khan, Shahbaz Nadeem, Daniel Christian, Jayant Yadav, Gurkeerat Singh Mann, Trent Boult, Manjot Kalra, Abhishek Sharma, Sandeep Lamichhane, Naman Ojha, Sayan Ghosh, Liam Plunkett, Junior Dala.

Brief preview: A desperate Delhi Daredevils will have to learn from the mistakes made in the previous game against table-toppers Sunrisers Hyderabad when the two sides with contrasting campaigns meet in a re-match of the Indian Premier League at Feroz Shah Kotla, Delhi on Thursday. Languishing at the bottom of the table with three wins from 10 games, the Shreyas Iyer-led team will have to win tomorrow to have any chance of progressing further in the tournament.

They have looked a better unit ever since Iyer took over the captaincy from Gautam Gambhir but small mistakes at key moments have proved fatal for them. (Read Full Match Preview)

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