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Narendra Modi attacks Congress, Left and TMC at poll rally in Bengal

Narendra Modi attacks Congress, Left and TMC at poll rally in Bengal

PTI [ Updated: March 27, 2016 20:40 IST ]
Narendra Modi
Image Source : PTI Narendra Modi

Kharagpur (WB): Prime Minister Narendra Modi today launched a scathing attack on the Left and Congress for “challenging and insulting” the wisdom of Bengalis by coming together in election-bound West Bengal but fighting each other in Kerala which also goes to polls.

He also attacked the Trinamool Congress, saying the ruling party and the Left have ‘destroyed’ the state for the last 40 years as he sought people’s support for BJP for once.

Addressing a poll rally here, he said the Communists and Congress were baying for each other in Kerala while they were playing a “behind the curtains game” in Bengal and were in a way challenging the wisdom of people of the state, who enjoyed the most blessings of the Goddess of wisdom.

”I believe that in India if Goddess Saraswati has bestowed most of its blessings, it is on Bengal. Be it wisdom, knowledge or logic, if there is anyone most powerful in them, it is my Bengal and its people. No one can challenge Bengal’s wisdom and if anyone tries to challenge it is an insult of a Bengali.

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”Congress and Communists have challenged the wisdom of Bengal and Bengalis will not spare anyone who tries so. Communists and Congress are contesting in Kerala and Bengal. While they are fighting and baying for each other in Kerala, they are playing a game behind the curtains in Bengal. In Kerala they do wrestling and in Bengal, they do friendship. This is a challenge to the wisdom of Bengalis.

”Are they not challenging the wisdom of Bengal and insulting that? Is it not an insult of Bengal’s self respect? This is an insult of Bengalis. If they had the courage, they should have admitted that they are opportunists and are only hungry for power and have nothing to do with Kerala or Bengal,” he said.

Training his guns on the Mamata Banerjee government, he said he was hoping it would bring about a “parivartan” (change) in Bengal after assuming power, but has destroyed Bengal in the last five years.

”I was thinking that after 34 years of Left rule, Bengal’s bad days will go and a ‘parivartan’ will come. I nursed this hope, but today looking at what has happened in Bengal in the last five years, if it took 34 years for communists to destroy Bengal, TMC has completely finished it in five years. Bengal has suffered in 34 years of communist rule and has been ruined and has fallen into a deep pit,” he said.

Seeking public support for BJP, a new entrant in Bengal, Modi said, “I have come to assure you that your 40 years have been wasted and give me a chance once. Give BJP a chance. I assure you that we will create a new Bengal out of what has been ruined.”

The Prime Minister said he was not a man who would be dejected or gets bogged down but am “a person who works with hope and confidence to change the situation in the state. I have to change Bengal and take it to newer heights.”

Seeking people’s support for BJP, he asked them to keep Bengal’s good foremost in this electionand not look at candidates, their caste and whether they know or have met them but support the BJP.

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