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Defeat imminent for SP, BSP; they now have new plan for hung House in UP: PM Modi

Modi said that as definite defeat was staring at SP and BSP, they have now launched a new game plan for a fractured mandate in UP so that they can have bargaining power.

India TV Politics Desk India TV Politics Desk Mau Updated on: March 02, 2017 16:09 IST
PM Modi said defeat was imminent for SP, BSP
Image Source : ANI PM Modi said defeat was imminent for SP, BSP

Accusing the Samajwadi Party (SP) and Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) of colluding against the Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP), Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday said that as "definite defeat" was staring at both parties, they have now launched a new game plan for a fractured mandate in Uttar Pradesh so that they can have bargaining power.

"The SP and the BSP, after the third phase of polling, have realised that they have no chance of winning and so they have launched a new game, a new technique...even if we are defeated or our seats decrease, no one should get majority," he said at an election rally in Mau. 

The PM said it is the right of the SP, the Congress and the BSP in democracy to try to win elections by doing whatever they want against the BJP. 

"I want to tell the leaders of the SP and the BSP to try whatever means they can to defeat the BJP, there is no problem with it...but do not play with the future of UP. It has suffered a lot in the past," Modi said in his over hour-long speech in the eastern UP town.

"You (SP, BSP) might be thinking that in case of a hung House, you will get a chance to bargain but the people of UP have shown you in the Lok Sabha polls, by ensuring a full majority to BJP, and in these elections, they will ensure that BJP wins with a huge margin," Modi said.  

Terming the Congress a sinking ship, Modi said, "When the polls were announced and the SP got afraid that they will not win, in a hurry they went and sat in the lap of the Congress...boarded a sinking ship. They got encouraged by media coverage and got intoxicated and thought they will befool the people."

However, public knows how to differentiate milk from water, he said.  

On the hype on the SP-Congress alliance, Modi said soon after entering into an understanding they were claiming they will get a two-thirds majority and there were also reports that "certain people" will come out for campaigning.  

"But soon after the first two phases, those very people decided to stay away from campaigning and those who were claiming a two-thirds majority came with folded hands asking for another chance to correct their mistakes," Modi said. 

Modi said the prospect of BJP’s win was increasing as the election was progressing. 

“As the election is progressing, the prospects of BJP and its allies are increasing. I assure you we are capable of winning majority on our own, but small parties in alliance with us will get representation in cabinet,” Modi said.  

BJP has formed an alliance with Suheldev Bharatiya Samaj Party (SBSP), led by Om Prakash Rajbhar. The party has a substantial vote bank in Eastern UP and claims to represent the Rajbhar community.  

Invoking India’s first Prime Minister Jawahar Lal Nehru, Modi said, “Nehru had set up a committee for eastern UP's development but see the criminal mindset.. the report kept lying for 50 years and we have started work on it.” 

The Prime Minister claimed that UP government refused to purchase power from the Centre even at cheaper rates.  

“Central government allotted funds for 24x7 power supply in UP. But what stops the SP government from utilising those funds,” he added. 

Raking up the farmers’ issue, Modi said, “Do whatever you want to but don't play with the future of Uttar Pradesh to defeat BJP. It has already suffered a lot. It is not going to be a hung assembly. We are going to win this election with huge majority." 

“Why the SP government doesn't care about farmers in Uttar Pradesh? Why are they not helping farmers in distress? They must answer,” he added. 

Taking a dig at local strongman Mukhtar Ansari, who is contesting on a BSP ticket, Modi said, “Why do gangsters here keep smiling when they go to jail? This is because they get all facilities inside.”  

“And giving tickets to such gangsters is it not a mockery of democracy?” he asked.