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Ten big disasters that shook India

New Delhi: Natural disasters come without any warning and when they hit, the toll they take on human lives surpass  one's imagination. India has faced all forms of natural tragedies from droughts, famines, earthquakes to

Updated on: February 12, 2013 13:50 IST
2. Decccan Famine of 1630-1632

The Deccan Famine was the result of failure of three consecutive staple crops leading to intense hunger and deaths from starvation.  The famine desolated Deccan and Gujarat.

bdul Hamid Lahori described the horrors of the calamity as, “the inhabitants were reduced to direct extremity. Mughal emperor Shah Jahan distributed about Rs 1.5 lakh in charity, established soup kitchens and remitted taxes to the amount of Rs 70 lakhs, but the relief measures were inadequate.

By 1632, about 20 lakh Indians died from the effects of famine.

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