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Hyderabad Muslim woman on husband's killing: 'Want to kill my brother the same way he murdered Nagaraju'

The anguished wife said that she has the same blood as her brother, who killed her husband Nagaraju in the middle of the road. She added that she wants to murder him just like he murdered her husband.

T Raghavan Reported by: T Raghavan Hyderabad Updated on: May 06, 2022 21:23 IST
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Ashrin Sulthana, Nagaraju's marriage at an Arya Samaj


  • Wife of Hyderabad man who was killed in public said: Want to kill my brother like he killed Nagaraju
  • "They hit him on head 30-35 times," she said, "onlookers didn't help despite me begging"
  • Nagaraju was killed by his Muslim brother-in-law. 2 were arrested so far.

Recalling the brutal murder of her husband in Hyderabad, Ashrin Sulthana, wife of a Dalit man who was beaten with iron rods and killed in public, on Friday said that she wants to kill her brother just the way he had killed her husband in the middle of the road.  

"I have the same blood as my brother, I am his sister after all. I want to kill him just like he killed my husband," she added. 

Sulthana and Nagaraju, the victim, were traveling on their motorcycle when they were stopped. Her brother attacked Nagaraju, thrashed him with an iron rod, and stabbed him with a knife. 

The distraught wife narrated the incident, "We were going home when my brother, along with another person, came on a motorcycle and pushed my husband (Nagaraju) and started beating him. In the beginning, I didn't know it was my brother, who was attacking him. They kept on beating him on his head, he was bleeding a lot. They hit him on the head 30-35 times even after his head ripped. 

She also said that her brother had tried to hang her when she opened up about her relationship at home. "When my brother got to know, he became furious, and he beat me from 4  in the morning till 7. He also tried to hang me."

She added that the couple then had gotten married without informing her family. 

"I don't even want to go home. I just want to stay here and take care of my husband's family. All I am asking from the government is just a job to support them."

'Begged the people'

"I sought help from people around me, but nobody came forward to help. I saw the face of my brother. I begged him to leave my husband and stop beating him, but he did not listen to me. Nagaraju was wearing his helmet, but due to the assault, it was damaged and so was his head."

She also said that she begged the people around to help her, but nobody came ahead: "if they wanted, they could have helped but nobody did".

"I begged the people around for help while my husband was being beaten, however, none of the passers-by came forward to help," she said.

'My husband said he would become Muslim'

She further added, "My brother was against my marriage. My husband told my brother earlier that he will become Muslim and will marry me. But my brother didn't approve. Even before the marriage, my brother had beaten me because I wanted to marry him."

Elaborating on the time of the incident, Ashrin Sulthana said that she initially did not know her brother was one of the attackers until she saw his face.

Hyderabad's Saroornagar police arrested two relatives of Ashrin Sulthana alias Pallavi for their involvement in the murder of Billipuram Nagaraju on Thursday. The accused have been identified as Syed Mobin Ahmed, brother of Ashrin Sulthana and Mohammed Masood Ahmed.

The ACP LB Nagar along with his team apprehended Syed Mobin and Masood Ahmed within hours and seized the centering iron rod and knife used in the crime.

(with ANI inputs)

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