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Govt asks airlines to monitor ticket prices amid reports of abrupt surge in airfares after Odisha train crash

The government on Monday asked airlines to devise a mechanism to ensure reasonable airfares amid a surge in air ticket prices, particularly on certain routes that were earlier served by Go First.

Reported By : Vijai Laxmi Edited By : Ajeet Kumar
New Delhi
Published on: June 05, 2023 18:51 IST
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Amid multiple reports of airlines increasing their fares abnormally following the Odisha rail accident, the aviation ministry took note of it and advised flight operators to ensure a strong vigil over the abrupt increase in airfares. The major decision came amid reports of passengers seeking to travel from Odisha or the adjoining states witnessing a sudden spike in airfares post-Balasore railway accident. Some distressed passengers even took to social media to complain about the abnormal spike in airfares. Sharing screenshots of the travel websites, passengers claimed airlines have increased their fares 10 folds. 

Subsequently, on Monday, the Airlines Advisory Group, Minister of Civil Aviation, and Steel discussed the issue of airfares where they directed airlines to avoid such abnormal charges. "Airlines must self-monitor airfares on certain select routes that have seen considerable surge pricing of late, particularly those that were earlier being serviced by Go First - a mechanism for ensuring reasonable pricing within the high RBDs (Reservation Booking Designator) may be devised by airlines. This shall be monitored by the DGCA," according to the statement released following an hour-long meeting.

During any calamity, the authorities suggested airlines keep a tight check on the pricing of air tickets in view of the humanitarian situation and monitor and control any surge in ticket prices to/from that region.

Also, it advised airlines to provide free carriage (cargo) services to the families of the deceased.

Odisha train disaster 

It is worth mentioning the country witnessed the biggest rail tragedy in the past two decades where at least 275 people were killed in the accident while more than 1,000 were injured. Earlier on Saturday, preliminary investigations claimed that the Coromandel Express train involved in a horrific rail tragedy in Odisha on Friday entered the loop line and crashed into a goods train parked there instead of the main line just ahead of the Bahanagar Bazar station. The coaches of Bengaluru-Howrah Superfast Express capsized after crashing into the coaches of Coromandel Express that had scattered on the adjacent track.

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