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Sankalp rally: This is New India, it does not remain silent on killings of its jawans, says PM Narendra Modi

BJP General Secretary Bhupendra Yadav claimed that Sunday's public meeting would be the biggest so far at the huge Gandhi Maidan in terms of presence of people.

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New Delhi Updated on: March 03, 2019 14:04 IST

Thousands of people gathered in Patna on Sunday as Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the National Democratic Alliance (NDA)'s Sankalp rally. The rally, which witnessed the prime minister and Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar sharing the stage, was aimed to take a resolve to make a new and secure India under the leadership of the prime minister, BJP General Secretary Bhupendra Yadav said on Saturday. 

Union minister Ramvilas Paswan was also present at the rally, held at Gandhi Maidan. The three tall leaders of the NDA blew the bugle for the upcoming LoK ​Sabha polls in the politically important Bihar, having a total of 40 Parliamentary seats.

This was the first time Nitish Kumar and Modi came together on the same platform after they shared the stage at a political rally in 2009 in Ludhiana. It was also the first joint rally by the NDA in Bihar since November 2005.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi officially kick-started the NDA's election campaign for the upcoming Lok Sabha polls at the Sankalp rally. 

Here are the highlights: 

01:45 pm: Prime Minister Narendra Modi concludes his address at the Sankalp Rally in Bihar' Patna

01:42 pm: They want people to come together to fight against me, I want all of us to come together to fight against terrorism, against poverty: Prime Minister Narendra Modi

01:41 pm: Those who play dynasty politics are only accusing the prime minister over different issues: Prime Minister Narendra Modi

01:34 pm: I want to ask the Congress leaders, why do they give statements that benefit our opponents outside the country?: Prime Minister Narendra Modi

01:30 pm: PM Narendra Modi slams 'Mahagathbandhan', says, "Maha milaawat could not have undertaken work to uplift the country, they are only concerned with the power." 

01:29 pm: We have created a strong base for a developed nation, now it's time to work on it and take the country forward: Prime Minister Narendra Modi

01:27 pm: The achievements listed by me have been possible only because you elected a powerful government in the year 2014: Prime Minister Narendra Modi

01:25 pm: Our government has the courage to change things and take decisions for the welfare of the country, this will continue in the future too: Prime Minister Narendra Modi

01:24 pm: Your 'chowkidaar' is well alert and is keeping a watch on all activities that are being done in the country: Prime Minister Narendra Modi

01:20 pm: PM Narendra Modi slams Lalu Prasad Yadav over fodder scams, says "People are well aware of the activities that have been done by previous governments in the name of development."

01:19 pm: Bihar is enjoying the benefits of our scheme, which aims to provide electricity in all households across the state: Prime Minister Narendra Modi

01:17 pm: Infrastructure is being improved in the state, we are working on all departments, including roadways, railways and airways: Prime Minister Narendra Modi

01:16 pm: The NDA government wants to ensure that all sections of the society in Bihar gain access to the best of facilities: Prime Minister Narendra Modi

01:15 pm: The people will soon start receiving cheap gas connections through pipes: Prime Minister Narendra Modi

01:14 pm: The progress and development in Bihar has touched new pace, metro work has been initiated in the state: Prime Minister Narendra Modi

01:13 pm: I have visited Bihar earlier too. Today I am happy to see how leaders like Nitish Kumar have helped the state overcome the various obstacles it used to face: Prime Minister Narendra Modi

01:12 pm: I salute those martyrs from Bihar, who sacrificed their lives for the sake of the country. The nation stands with the families of those martyred: Prime Minister Narendra Modi

01:08 pm: Prime Minister Narendra Modi addresses NDA's Sankalp rally in Patna, Bihar 

01:06 pm: Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar welcomes PM Narendra Modi on stage as he concludes his address at the Sankalp rally

01:05 pm: There is peace in Bihar, however, some people are trying to distract it. I appeal to the people to not pay any heed to such powers: Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar

01:04 pm: Governments are judged on the basis of work done by them. People have seen the kind of work our government has done and what the others did: Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar

01:02 pm: There are people who do not work for the country even after coming to power: Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar

01:00 pm: We should respect each other and all religions. We all must come together to take the country forward: Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar

12:59 pm: The districts that have been struggling due to drought are being taken care of: Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar

12:57 pm: All sectors are seeing progress under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and we are hopeful of his continuous support in the future also: Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar

12:55 pm: We look forward to making the country open-defecation free: Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar

12:52 pm: The medical benefits that have been provided by the Centre is no ordinary step, it is a great move towards a developing India. I congratulate the prime minister for this: Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar

12:51 pm: The LPG connections provided to the women of the country by Prime Minister Narendra Modi has helped the country in great terms: Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar

12:50 pm: There can never be any compromises with terrorism, I am confident that the Central government will take appropriate steps for the same: Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar

12:49 pm: I congratulate PM Narendra Modi for the airstrike against terrorism in Pakistan: Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar

12:48 pm: Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar addresses NDA's Sankalp rally in Patna, Bihar

12:14 pm: Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrives at the venue of Sankalp rally in Bihar's Patna 

Watch what PM Modi said during the Sankalp Rally

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