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Want to know what your man wants from you in the relationship? This will help

Woman are often mistaken as the only person demanding time and dedication in the relationship. When it comes to men, they are equally needy and wish to be taken care off. Here are some tips which will help you understand what your man wants from the relationship.

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New Delhi Published on: July 30, 2019 13:51 IST
Want to know what your man wants from you in the relationship? This will help

Want to know what your man wants from you in the relationship? This will help

Man wants a lot from a relationship more than just physical needs. An emotional bond, a person to look up to, a person to come home to, a friend, a good to go person and a lot more is desired by most of the men in every relationship. Men usually hide their emotions and are not upfront to reveal what's going on inside their mind and heart. They, in fact, don't like to talk about their emotions much. However, they long for emotional support and desires certain things from their partner. If you are unable to understand the needs of your man, then read on to know what the basic needs of a man in a relationship are.

  • Appreciates respect: Every man likes to get respect from their partner. You must respect his emotions, his time, his efforts and even his work. Every relationship builds strong only if there is mutual respect between the two partners. Disrespecting one another is the first sign of heading towards a breakup. Thus, every woman must respect her man and his emotions in every possible way.


  • Make them feel special: Men might not show, but they really like when you make them feel special. They enjoy the attention as much as the women do. So, plan out something to make your partner feel special.
  • Don't hurt his ego: Yes, EGO is a negative word, but we can't shut our eyes on it. Believe it or not, we all have ego and we tend to protect it. Men too have an ego and that's stronger than women. Try not to hurt it but at the same time, don't let it hurt you too.
  • Build an emotional connection: Every relationship can be made strong if there is a strong emotional connection between the two. You must talk to each other regularly and share what troubles you. Encourage conversation and communicate more. Value each other's emotions and try not to hurt your man's feelings.
  • Man needs security: Women often believe that it is them who is insecure in the relationship and need security. Men too feel insecure and long for security. A decent man would ask for your loyalty and love. Thus, express yourself often enough.

These are some of the things which your man desires from you in the relationship. If you want your relationship to become strong and unbreakable, you must pay heed to these tips and follow them! Expressing is never bad if you are with the right partner.

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