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Happy Friendship Day 2018: Let’s recall the cartoon BFF’s who gave us serious squad goals!

Let's go back to good old 90's this friendship day!

Reshu Manglik Written by: Reshu Manglik New Delhi Updated on: August 04, 2018 22:28 IST
friendship day 2018 cartoon bff

Friendship Day 2018- cartoon characters who gave us squad goals

We’ve already named few Bollywood celebrities who give us the friendship goals. But let’s move back in the time of 90s. The times when sitting glued to ‘Cartoon Network’ was our idea of celebrating friendship day. The uber-cool hangout cafes and restro-bars didn’t have their existence in our lives. All we had were Looney Toons, Scooby Doo, Tom and Jerry, Powerpuff Girls and many more to be named in a single post. Admit it, we all used to fantasise ourselves and our best friend in place of these cartoon BFF’s. Talking about my personal fancy, I relate me and my bestie in place of Scooby Doo and Shaggy. Here are some examples of cartoon BFF’s you can relate to. 

Tom and Jerry 

Wondering why their name is included in this list? They were enemies, is that what you suppose? After growing up, we realised that they were everything but enemies to each other. Tom couldn’t live without Jerry and neither can Jerry do without Tom. They get on each other’s nerves, but there’s no Tom without Jerry. Just like you and your bestie? 

India Tv - friendship day 2017 cartoon bff

tom and jerry

Scooby Doo and Shaggy 

A scary not-so-little dog and an equally-scared nerdy boy, what a perfect combination it was. One couldn’t have imagined a single episode of Scooby Doo without Shaggy. The duo complements each other just like you and your best friend does. Shaggy have Scooby snacks to satiate the forever-hungry dog while Scooby played his human best friend than a dog. Zoinks! 

India Tv - friendship day 2017 cartoon bff

scooby doo and shaggy

Tweety and Sylvester 

Though the baddie black cat always had his plans to pounce upon the yellow bird, but he never did that. There’s a common belief that cats and birds are worst of the enemies and it seemed so in the cartoon. But as we grew up, we realised Sylvester’s got a number of chances to devour Tweety but the poor cat never did. 

India Tv - friendship day 2017 cartoon bff

sylvester and tweety

Courage and Muriel Bagge 

Remember the scared-to-death dog with a hole in his tooth? The easily frightened lavender dog could have done anything to save hooman Muriel. The old lady found Courage in an alley and took him home with her. They frequently took mettles with ghosts, spirits, zombies and monsters, and never did Courage left her side. Remember a fainthearted friend of yours who sticks by your side during a horror movie? 

India Tv - friendship day 2017 cartoon bff

courage and muriel

Fred and Barney 

There were no smartphones, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, but these two friends still stuck together. The stone-age best friends and neighbours are a proof that friendship needs no medium. Fred and Barney get into frequent feuds with each other, but those are as short-lived as bubbles. Had a tiff with your bestie? Come on, patch up already! 

India Tv - friendship day 2017 cartoon bff

fred and barney

This friendship day, enjoy the togetherness with your friends while watching these cartoons. Isn’t it just like going through the golden era of childhood all over again? 


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