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UP Board Results 2019: Here’s how you can help your child deal with exam results stress

Dealing with exam results anxiety? Here's how you can help your child ease down before the UP Board 2019 results are out.

Reshu Manglik Written by: Reshu Manglik New Delhi Updated on: April 27, 2019 17:27 IST
cbse class 10 results exam stress
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CBSE Class 10 Results to be out soon: Here’s how you can help your child deal with exam results stress

Exam stress can be really taxing for a child who is already shouldering the burden of expectations and pressure from both society and parents. At times, it gets so agonizing that the child loses appetite and sleep right from few days before the results are announced. We’ve all been there and we know how tormenting it can be for a young soul to tackle exam stress and later deal with the exam results stress. On Saturday, UP Board 2019 results will be out and the whole story of stress and breakdown will be repeated. Hence, even before discussing the future career prospects, it’s important for parents to look out for the mental well-being of their already-panicking child.

Dr Deepali Batra, Sr Clinical Psychologist from PALS and consultant psychologist at Max Hospital, Pitampura offers few handy tips that are a must-follow for parents to help their child deal with exam results stress.

How to beat exam results stress? 

“Parents play an important role in helping their child deal with the exam stress. Hence, first of all, they need to calm themselves down first. They need to tame their own emotions and anxiety so that don’t pass on the tension to their kid,” said Dr Deepali Batra explaining the crucial role of parents in helping their child deal with exam results stress.

It is most commonly seen how parents handle the basket of their expectations to their child, who in turn, starts wilting. They need to analyse if they are putting too much of expectations on their child than he/she can handle. It is wise to put only as many expectations on their kid as he/she can handle.

Parents are often seen pushing their own perception of ‘success’ on their child. Good marks never ensure success and bad marks are not the end of the world. More than how you want to see your kid, it’s important to know what they want from you. At the end of the day, it’s your child’s well-being that would matter the most.

Most importantly, every child is different. Comparing your child to your neighbour’s isn’t a fair practice. There must be something your kid is good at while the other is not. Every soul has a unique ability that sets them apart from the lot. Recognise your child’s special abilities and channel your energy towards honing them.

Before the result is announced make sure that you’re not in a panicky mode. By creating a fuss about the result in front of your already-stressed out child, you’re only going to make the matter worse for them and yourself as well.

Don’t talk about the results all the time. Give yourself and your child a break. The result is out and it’s over. Discussing them over and over again won’t change a thing. Deviate your child’s attention to other fun things. Take them out for a movie or dinner. When the things settle down, talk about the future prospects with your child in a more result-oriented manner, rather than nagging him for the unsatisfactory results.

Last but not the least; look out for these signs in your kid. Seek professional help if your child shows all of these below-mentioned symptoms.

  • Is your child making suicidal statements of killing themselves?
  • Writing and drawing depressing stories or objects
  • Not worried about belongings, giving them away freely
  • Staying away from friends and family, with whom he once shared a happy relationship
  • Having aggressive or hostile behaviour
  • Eating too little or too much
  • Trying to stay away from social gatherings
  • Inflicting self-harm

Look out for the signs of self-harm or any injury on their body. If the answers to all the above-mentioned questions are in affirmative, seek medical help without any delay.

Remember, marks are not a parameter to judge intelligence. They do mean a lot but they’re not above life. Ultimately, it’s your child’s happiness and well-being you should be worried about.

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