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Tulsidas Jayanti 2023: Famous quotes by the Hindu saint on his 526th birth anniversary

Tulsidas, a great poet and a Hindu saint who composed Ramayan and also wrote Hanuman Chalisa, left us with some amazing meaningful quotes. August 23rd will be observed as Tulsidas Jayanti.

India TV Lifestyle Desk Edited By: India TV Lifestyle Desk New Delhi Published on: August 23, 2023 16:24 IST
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Tulsidas was a great poet and saint who composed the epic Ramcharitmanas in Hindi. His work has had a profound impact on Indian literature and spirituality. His writings continue to inspire millions. Tulsidas' Ramcharitmanas is considered a masterpiece, blending devotion, philosophy, and storytelling. It depicted the life of lord Rama. 

Tulsidas was born in 1532, in a Brahmin family, in Rajapur, Uttar Pradesh, India. He was married to Ratnavali and their marriage is considered as an example of external love and devotion. Tulsidas' parents were Hulsi and Atmaram Dubey. They were devout Hindus and played a significant role in shaping his spiritual journey.

Tulsidas has left us with many beautiful quotes. On the occasion of his 526th birth anniversary, let’s take a look at some famous quotes by him:

1.  "Doha suni raghupati ki, pavan tanay sankat haran, mangal murti roop. Ram Lakhan Sita sahit, hriday basahu sur bhoop." This verse beautifully describes Lord Rama as the remover of all troubles and the embodiment of auspiciousness.

2.  "Ram naam ki loot hai, loot sake to loot, Ram naam ki sampada hai, chhod sake to chhod." It emphasizes the value and richness of chanting the name of Lord Rama.

3. "jo sukh nahin dete vah duhkh nahin dete, jo gun nahin dete vah dosh nahin dete." This quote shows that those who give happiness and virtue to others never give sorrow and blame.

4.  "bina dekhe bina jaane bina kahe nahin karate kaam, bina bole bina sune nahin lete naam." This quote shows "Without seeing, without knowing, without saying, they do not act, without speaking, without listening, they do not take names."

5.  "jo taatkaalik laabh ke lie nahin karate hain upakaar, ve bade upakaaree hote hain sada." This quote shows "Those who do not do favors for immediate gain, they are great benefactors always."

6.  "Kripa kataaksha tav praan jaay". This quote says "A mere glance of your grace can save one's life".

7.  "Sunat dunu bhagya aapadaanu". This quote says "Listening to both sides of a story is good fortune".

8.  "Sukh sandesh Tulsī gāyo, jitendriya dhari vijitendriya chubāyo". In this quote Tulsidas conveys the message of happiness, having conquered his senses.

9.  "Satyam amaryaditam naam". In this quote, Tulsidas conveys a message that "Truth is beyond limits".

10.  "Raghupati Raghav Raja Ram, Patit Pavan Sita Ram". This quote says that Lord Rama, the King of the Raghu dynasty, is the purifier of the fallen, and Sita Ram's name.

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