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These 10 things can happen to you if you are not getting sufficient sleep

Lack of proper sleep can cause diabetes and heart diseases besides increasing death risk.

Shalu Singh Shalu Singh
New Delhi Updated on: October 29, 2017 17:46 IST
Binge watching is hampering our sleep
Binge watching is hampering our sleep

In recent time, juggling between work and personal life has become so tough that he have started ignoring our health. Kicking aside exercise and proper sleep, we have become robots who are engrossed in their work. Moreover after internet has become a household commodity, our sleep timing has gone haywire. After going to bed, we spend at least few minutes or sometimes an hour scrolling news feeds or binge-watching. We hardly give time to our body and mind to relax and rejuvenate and this directly impacts our well being. It is important to get 7-8 hours of sleep every day as poor slumber can give to rise to many health issues including that of death risk.


Do you get easily annoyed? One of the reasons could be sleep deprivation. Insufficient sleep can make you irritated as well as irritating. This can also impact your personal and professional relationships.

Mood Swings
Besides making you short-tempered, loss of sleep can also cause mood swings. If you don't take proper sleep, then there are high chances of you messing up with your emotions next day.

No Creativity
There is no success without creativity. Even in the most monotonous job in the world, a pinch of creativity is required. A good night sleep can help your creative juices to flow

Everyone wants to looks younger and 7-8 hours of sleep can naturally help you in that. Lack of sleep can have direct effect on your appearance causing wrinkles and dark circles.

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Immune System
While we are asleep, our immune system produces infection-fighting substance that keeps away bacteria and virus. So, lesser is your sleep, weaker is your immunity.

No Sex Drive
Improper sleep impacts sexual urge. This can in turn adversely affect your relationships.

Heart disease
Sleeping heals and repairs blood vessels and heart and ensures that they remain healthy. People who get insufficient sleep are more likely to get cardiovascular diseases.

If you are unable to get proper sleep over a long period then this may be a hint at depression. Such cases are worsen with sleep deprivation. 

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Do you know that when you sleep less our body releases stress hormone? This hormone increases the risk of diabetes. Improper sleep also makes body to release higher levels of insulin after eating. Having a proper slumber helps in maintaining blood sugar level. 

Death Risk
It has been found that people who sleep less hours are more likely to die sooner than those who get adequate sleep.