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5 benefits of drinking cardamom tea during summer

People who drink tea in summer should drink cardamom tea instead of ginger or masala tea. Cardamom cools the body and also provides many health benefits.

Written By: Kristina Das @ New Delhi Published on: June 18, 2024 15:45 IST
benefits of drinking cardamom tea during summer
Image Source : SOCIAL Benefits of drinking cardamom tea during summer.

Tea lovers cannot compromise with tea whether it is summer or winter. In the scorching heat, people drenched in sweat can also be seen sipping tea. If you like tea so much, then definitely add some things to tea in summer which can slightly change the effect of tea. In summer, instead of drinking ginger tea or masala tea, you should drink cardamom tea. You will easily find cardamom in the spices kept in the kitchen. The mild fragrance of cardamom will enhance the taste of tea. The small green cardamom not only enhances the taste but also provides many health benefits in summer. Let us know what are the benefits of drinking green cardamom tea.

Benefits of drinking cardamom tea

Keeps the body cool- Cardamom has a cooling effect. Ginger tea can heat the body in summer. Many hot spices are also used in masala tea. It would be better if you drank cardamom tea. This will keep the stomach and body cool.

Improve digestion- Cardamom seeds are effective in improving digestion and speeding up metabolism. Cardamom is also used in food. It contains anti-inflammatory properties and many antioxidants that work to improve metabolism. Cardamom also removes problems like gastrointestinal.

Beneficial in controlling diabetes- Green cardamom contains a high amount of manganese, which reduces the risk of diabetes. Diabetes patients should also consume green cardamom. It has properties that reduce oxidative stress and reduce inflammation.

Control blood pressure- Blood pressure can also be controlled by drinking cardamom tea. You can also eat green cardamom by chewing it. It can also be used in soup, sweets or vegetables. Green cardamom also helps in keeping the BP level right.

Beneficial for oral health- Green cardamom is also used as a mouth freshener. It has anti-bacterial properties that fight oral bacteria such as Streptococci mutans. Cardamom increases saliva which can reduce bad breath.

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