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Enjoy wearing luxury items? Check out this guide on how to spot fake luxury items

If you enjoy the finest fabrics and designer clothes, then you may be aware of the rising number of counterfeits in the luxury goods market. Use this guide to understand how to distinguish between authentic and counterfeit luxury goods to avoid being scammed.

Written By : India TV Lifestyle Desk Edited By : Kristina Das
New Delhi
Published on: June 04, 2024 10:23 IST
Enjoy wearing luxury items? Check out this guide on how to spot fake luxury items
Image Source : PEXELS Enjoy wearing luxury items? Check out this guide on how to spot fake luxury items

Are you somebody who enjoys sporting the highest quality of luxury goods? Is your wardrobe filled with various designer brands and you keep returning for more? If yes, then you would relate to buying authentic luxury clothing and the perils that come with dupes. Check out tips to distinguish fake luxury clothing from authentic ones in this guide. 

Check the tag

One of the easiest ways to tell apart fake luxury from real is to check the authenticity of the tag. Duplicate designer items will have misspelt logos or loose stitching. Sometimes they may even have incorrect sizes listed on the tag, which is a definite giveaway of a dupe. No luxury brand would make the mistake of writing the incorrect measurements on their labels.

Check the logo

The logo is yet another element which helps you determine what is real or fake. For luxury brands, their logo is one of their most important assets and they will ensure it is finely printed on their products. Counterfeit logos will have uneven spacing and stitching between letters and could easily be determined from its poor quality. From packaging to even masking tape, brands always make sure their logo is properly defined and reflected in quality fabric and packaging.

Assess the material

Most luxury fashion brands use high-quality materials such as tweed, silk, linen and leather while counterfeit products use PU leather and cheap quality cotton blends. Feel the material of the product to determine if it is indeed a branded or counterfeit product. 

Look for additional details

When it comes to luxury fashion, there are unique details in its craft that set it apart from its copies. Luxury handbag brands have twelve stitches on each side of their tags, which are difficult to duplicate with low-quality material and the lack of expertise the fashion houses have. Similarly, they may also have special embroidery patterns or lettering that is unique to them.

Check the unique identification code

Most luxury brands also have a special identification code which is used to authenticate products. Make sure to check for that at your nearest store to verify if you’ve made the right purchase.

The world of luxury fashion can be enticing but also risky as the market of dupes grows every year. Use these tips to verify your next purchase and enjoy your luxury fashion!

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