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Shahnaz Husain’s beauty tips for Manicure

Shahnaz Husain's tips for manicures and how to do it at home. Know more details.

India TV Lifestyle Desk Written By: India TV Lifestyle Desk New Delhi Published on: May 30, 2023 17:21 IST
Beauty tips for Manicures to do at home.
Image Source : FREEPIK Beauty tips for Manicures to do at home.

A weekly manicure goes a long way in keeping the hands in good condition. You can give this manicure yourself at home. You would need a small bowl for soaking your hands in warm water; an emery board; an orange stick; nail clippers; cotton wool; cotton buds; nail varnish remover, nail varnish and hand cream

First, remove old nail varnish with cotton wool and nail varnish remover. Do not apply too much remover, as it tends to dry out the nails. If you wish to cut the nails, use a nail clipper. Then shape them into an oval shape using the emery board. You should file the nails in one direction only and not back and forth.

Then put some warm water in the bowl and soak your hands in it for 5 minutes. You can add a few drops of shampoo or soap-free bath gel. After soaking, use a soft brush on the nails to clean them. Hard nail brushes should not be used. Wash your hands if they are soapy.

Use cotton buds or wrap cotton wool around the orange stick and push back the cuticles gently. Avoid using a metal cuticle pusher, as this can injure the skin. If the cuticles tend to adhere, apply some cream and then try to push them back.

Wrap cotton wool around a thin stick, or use a cotton bud to clean beneath the nails. Again, sharp metal instruments should not be used for this. 

Apply hand cream on the nails, cuticles and hands. Massage it into the skin of the cuticles and hands. Wipe off excess cream with a moist towel. We have formulated a hand cream containing apricot and oil of rose, along with extracts which are rich in Vitamins B and E. These ingredients help to keep the skin soft and smooth and also provide lustre to dry and dull skin. 

Apply nail varnish, using smooth strokes, from the base of the nails to the tip. Three long strokes should be adequate to cover each nail. First, apply it in the middle of the nail and then on either side. Two coats of colour will be needed for an even finish. First, apply one coat of colour on all the nails. Wait for it to dry and then apply the second coat of colour.

Points to remember:

1. Avoid using hot water to soak the hands, as this can cause dryness of the skin and nails.

2. If you have brittle nails, avoid frosted nail varnish.

3. Never cut the cuticles or use sharp metal instruments on them or beneath the nails.

4. If you have any infection of the nails, avoid filing them and using nail varnish. Seek medical attention, as it can be a fungal infection or psoriasis.

5. Your daily diet should provide adequate quantities of calcium, sulphur, amino acids, phosphorous, and Vitamins B and E. These are available from milk and milk products, whole grains, eggs, fruits, and leafy green vegetables. Take your doctor's advice before making changes in your normal diet, especially if you are suffering from any disease or medical condition. 

India Tv - Tips to remember how to do Manicures.

Image Source : FREEPIKTips to remember how to do Manicures.

Useful Tips for Nail Beauty: 

1. Broad nails can look narrower if you leave a very narrow strip on either side without polish.

2. Small and short nails can look longer if you apply light-coloured nail polish.

3. If the nail polish chips, avoid peeling it off. This can remove the protective layer of the nail. 

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