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Horoscope for 28 October, 2019: Know what's in store for all zodiac signs this Govardhan Puja

Govardhan Puja special astrology: Know what Govardhan Puja has in store for all zodiac signs by Acharya Indu Prakash.

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New Delhi Updated on: October 28, 2019 9:13 IST
Horoscope for 28 October, 2019: Know what's in store for all zodiac signs this Govardhan Puja

Horoscope for 28 October, 2019: Know what's in store for all zodiac signs this Govardhan Puja

Today, October 28 2019 marks the auspicious day of Govardhan Puja. The night of Amavasya i.e. the night of Diwali is over. The Aamavasya date will be only till 09:00 this morning, after that the Pratipada date of Kartik Shukla Paksha will start. Know what Govardhan Puja has in store for all zodiac signs by Acharya Indu Prakash.

Aries - Today will be a great day for you. Any important work can be completed easily. You will get a chance to meet old friends today. You can plan to roam anywhere. Today your old memories will be fresh. You will feel fit. The atmosphere of the family will remain pleasant. Sweetness will come in married life. You can get success in the work done earlier. Physical happiness will increase. The situation of the work area will improve. Salute your presiding deity today, there will be a shower of happiness in your life.

Taurus - Today, your hard work will bring color. Today is a better day in terms of work. Success will be achieved in all the work. Today's mother will get support. There are chances of increase in income. Social respect will increase. Today's old problem will be solved. Today is a special day for the unmarried people of this zodiac, many marriage proposals will come. Have a vision of Shivling today, your work will be successful as per your wish.

Gemini - Today will be a good day. Today, you can get the happiness of married life. Today your work can increase the prestige of your family in the society. Any important work can be postponed in the office. Quick decisions in some serious matters. May have to be taken. Sudden visit may be planned. There is little hope of getting family support. Offer water on Shivling today, you will have a good day.

Cancer - Your health will remain fluctuating today. Today, some work can get stuck. You can do your loss with anger. Keep patience, all will be well with you. Any old thing bothers you today. Can. Do not feel bad about any family member, it will be good for you. Make your contribution in the cleanliness of the temple today, your day will be favorable.

Leo - Luck will be with you today. There may be sudden money gains in business today. The economic side will be stronger than before. New avenues of progress will open. You can get the cooperation of high officials. There are chances of earning extra income. Today, the body will be healthy throughout the day. Relationship with life partner will be sweet. Some plans made today may be fulfilled. Touch the feet of the Brahmin and take blessings, stability will remain in the work.

Virgo- Today will be your favorable day. Any small thing may be important for you going forward. Your happiness will remain. Economically today is a better day. Today the job worries will be over. Success will come in everyday matters. If there have been differences before friends, today they will go away. Your thought works will be completed easily. Light a lamp of ghee in the temple of today, others will continue to get support in life.

Libra - Today will be your normal day. You need to work hard to improve your abilities. With proper hard work you can make yourself better. In the office today you can have a debate with a colleague. It would be better to forget the debate. Keep friendly behavior. You may feel a little unfit today. The trend towards art today will increase. Work will progress. Give a gift to father today, your health will be better.

Scorpio- Today will be a great day. Today you will be in the mood to do something new. Today, you will have more interest in creative work. Your image will be good among the people in the society. Any company work can give you an opportunity to go abroad. The merchant class of this amount hope to benefit from the work done in partnership today. Is Apply sandalwood tilak on your forehead today, you will get success in all tasks.

Sagittarius - Today is a great day for you. Today, the work which you will start, will be completed ahead of time. Today will be positive for students of this sign. You will get success in the interview given for any job. There may also be a call for selection. The economic side will remain strong. Today, less work done can benefit more than anything. A trip program can be postponed today, which will benefit you. Ga. Go and spend some time in the temple, you will get profit opportunities.

Capricorn - Today will be a good day. If you focus on your work more than others, it will be better. The problem related to any subject of students of this zodiac can be a solution today. There will be full support of teachers. Those who are associated with literature, today their works will be appreciated everywhere. Your popularity will increase. In the field of work, you can get more success than expected. You can also get some good job opportunities. Donate clothes to a Brahmin today, there will be good luck in your family.

Aquarius - Today will be your favorite day. There will be enough time for yourself, which you will take full advantage of. People who are associated with this amount will get more money than expected today. You can go shopping with your partner You may like a dress for yourself. Health will remain better. Today will get the full benefit of hard work. There will be support from people around you too.

Pisces - Today will be a mixed day. It can be a bit difficult to get everyone together in the office. It may also take a long time to complete a simple task, which can increase the workload. If you work with pleasure, you will definitely get success. There will be support from family members. Especially that siblings will help in the work. Take blessings of elders today, relations with everyone will be better.

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