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Try these 7 anti-ageing yoga poses by Swami Ramdev to look young forever

Yoga is an easy way to keep your body in shape as the decades roll by. Try these 7 anti-ageing yoga asanas by Swami Ramdev to combat dark circles, increasing weight, wrinkles and other signs of ageing and feel young forever

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New Delhi Updated on: September 12, 2020 12:46 IST
Try these 8 anti-ageing yoga poses by Swami Ramdev to look young
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Try these 8 anti-ageing yoga poses by Swami Ramdev to look young



When you age mentally it’s a positive sign but if your body starts ageing it is a downhill. This is because after a certain age, especially after your 30s, you tend to lose flexibility, balance and strength. And you may even develop serious health issues like diabetes, heart problems etc if you don’t maintain a regular exercise schedule. Not just that, your body may start showing the signs of ageing which include having a double chin, dark circles, increasing weight, wrinkles and more. Therefore, here we are with a few most effective anti-ageing yoga asanas by Swami Ramdev. Practicing these poses regularly will not only decrease your age by years but will also keep you healthy and active.

Surya namaskar

Surya namaskar enhances your mood instantly, it increases the facial glow and also relieves stress.  Practicing it in the morning, refreshes your mind and revitalizes your body. That’s not all Surya namaskar also helps in fighting depression and boosts your immune system.


Sit-ups will improve your overall core strength and muscle mass. It increases your athletic performance and keeps your body active. It also reduces the risk of back pain and injury and helps you stay active.


This yoga pose helps in keeping your brain calm and also helps you fight stress, anxiety and depression. Shirshasana not only strengthens your arms, legs and spine but also improves your digestive process.


This asana helps you recover from mild depression and stress issues. Apart from stretching your shoulders, spine and hamstring, Paschimottanasana stimulates the liver, kidneys, uterus and ovaries. It also helps in relieving women from the symptoms of menopause and menstrual discomfort.

Chakki asana

Chakki asana is very effective for dealing with belly fat. It also helps in strengthening the abdominal organs, helps in post-natal recovery, improves your digestive system, reduces back pain, and also regulates the menstrual cycle. 


It helps in building overall muscle strength in your body, improves your posture, uplifts or enhances your mood. This asana also has an amazing energizing effect.


Shalabhasana promotes blood circulation, helps in burning fat, improves your digestive system’s functioning, tones thigh and arm muscles and also cures back pain.




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