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Actress Mamta Mohandas diagnosed with autoimmune disease vitiligo; know all about the disorder

Telugu actress Mamta Mohandas has been diagnosed with autoimmune disease vitiligo, the actress has shared selfies saying ‘I’m losing colour'. Read more to know all about the disorder here.

Written By: Aparupa Devnath New Delhi Updated on: January 16, 2023 17:00 IST
Mamta Mohandas
Image Source : INSTAGRAM/@MAMTAMOHAN Mamta Mohandas's Instagram upload

South actress Mamta Mohandas recently revealed that she has been diagnosed with an autoimmune condition called vitiligo. Vitiligo is a condition that causes the skin to lose its color. People with vitiligo experience skin color loss in various areas of the body. Often it’s symmetrical, affecting both sides, such as the left and right hands or both knees. Some experience discoloration in the mouth, on the scalp, or of their hair, eyelashes, or eyebrows. For the unversed, Mamta is a cancer survivor too.

Taking to Instagram, Mamta shared a couple of selfies and revealed that she has been diagnosed with vitiligo. "Dear Sun, I embrace you now like I have never before. So Spotted, I’m losing color… I rise even before you every morning, to see you glimmer your first ray through the haze. Give me all you’ve got.. for I will be indebted, here on out and forever by your grace", read her post.

Facts on vitiligo

Here are some key points about vitiligo.

  • Vitiligo can affect people of any age, gender, or ethnicity.
  • There is no cure, and it is usually a lifelong condition.
  • The exact cause is unknown, but it may be due to an autoimmune disorder or a virus.
  • Vitiligo is not contagious.
  • Treatment options may include exposure to UVA or UVB light and depigmentation of the skin in severe cases.

Some possible causes include:

  • Genetics: an estimated 20% of those diagnosed with vitiligo have a first degree relative with the condition, according to a review
  • Autoimmune response: the body’s immune system attacks and kills melanocytes
  • Oxidative stress: when people have an imbalance of oxygen molecules and antioxidants, it may lead to vitiligo
  • Environmental factors: such as emotional distress, sunburn, or chemical exposure

After Samantha Ruth Prabhu, Mamta is the second actress to be suffering from an autoimmune disease. The Yashoda actress, in November last year revealed she had been diagnosed with myositis and has been undergoing immunity-boosting therapy in Hyderabad for the same. Mamta was last seen playing a pivotal role in Prithviraj Sukumaran's 2022 hit film 'Jana Gana Mana'.

Mamta debuted in the 2005 Malayalam film Mayookham, directed by Hariharan. She featured alongside Mammootty in Bus Conductor, with Suresh Gopi in Adbutham and Lanka (2006), and alongside Jayaram in Madhuchandralekha the same year.  


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