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Coronavirus: All your questions on COVID-19 answered

The death toll due to coronavirus has cross 16,500 as on Tuesday. In India, a total of 10 fatalities have been reported by far, due to COVID-19. On India TV, doctors and experts answered all your questions related to coronavirus.

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New Delhi Updated on: March 24, 2020 15:10 IST

The world is battling novel coronavirus, as the death toll resulting due to COVID-19 has crossed 16,500. In India, nearly 500 positive cases of coronavirus have been reported by far and the fatalities stand at 10. According to the data updated Tuesday morning, the total number of COVID-19 cases rose to 492, including 446 active cases. West Bengal and Himachal Pradesh reported a casualty each on Monday while seven deaths were earlier reported from Maharashtra (two), Bihar, Karnataka, Delhi, Gujarat and Punjab. Researchers and doctors across the world are making all efforts to develop a vaccine that can prove to be helpful against coronavirus.

On India TV, a panel of experts and doctors will answer all your questions related to coronavirus. You can also send your questions to us through WhatsApp, on 9350593505. Here are some questions answered on coronavirus.

How relevant is the lockdown and what necessary precautions should be taken?

It should be noted that coronavirus is highly communicable and it is important to maintain a safe distance between people. PAN-India lockdown in this scenario is vital to restrict social gatherings and the transmission of coronavirus. If we do not adhere by the lockdown, the situation arising out of COVID-19 can worsen to an uncontrollable level. 

Is it safe to order essential commodities online to contain COVID-19 spread?

Coronavirus is spreading at a fast pace and it will take no time to become a natural calamity. It is a person-to-person transmission. Those at home are ordering products online and should take necessary care of cleaning the surface of the package after receiving it from the delivery person. The package can be cleaned using any regular sanitizer, but it is very important to wash your own hands after cleaning the package. People should also maintain a safe distance from the delivery person.

How to control coronavirus transmission while giving/receiving money at shops?

The money you receive from any shop or store should be kept in the sun for a few hours. This would to an extent prevent the transmission of coronavirus to your hands. You can also wear gloves while giving or receiving money at stores and later wash your gloves, to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

What precautions should be taken after returning home from a market?

The moment you return home, you must wash your hands. People should ensure they do not touch their face or any other surface in the house without washing their hands.

What steps did China take to contain coronavirus spread?

People in China took all precautions and care as soon as they became aware of the situation. They did not wait for a leader to direct them to stay indoors. In China, people locked themselves inside their homes and cut down on all social interactions. They purchased necessary commodities and stayed indoors for several weeks. In addition, no person in China was allowed to venture out on the streets without masks and hand gloves. They took proper care of sanitization and did not take allow anyone or anyone inside their homes without sanitization. The Chinese authorities have always been very strict in the prevention and control of coronavirus.

Is it important to take shower after returning home from markets?

The most important thing is to wash your hands, feet and face as soon as you return home. People should also change their clothes and wash them immediately, to avoid the spread of COVID-19 through clothes. It is good to take a shower after returning from markets. 

How much does your immunity matter to prevent coronavirus?

Immunity is important to prevent coronavirus, but it is of foremost importance to work on your immunity. People should practice regular exercise in their homes and eat fresh food. You must keep washing your hands - before and after eating foods, and also at several hours during the day. Your immunity entirely depends on what you eat and how much you take care of your body. 

Is lockdown enough or strict curfew should be imposed in India?

A mandatory curfew is extremely important to control the current situation which has resulted out of coronavirus. Every day we are seeing people on the streets despite the lockdown orders and this proves that the people are not serious about controlling the spread of COVID-19. Advances nations like USA, China and Italy are witnessing a high rate of death toll which should bound Indians to understand the criticality of the situation.

How frequently should people go out of their homes?

For now, people should stay indoors as the situation is worsening day by day. All members of the family should ensure that no one goes out of their home or comes in from outside. People should go out of their homes only when absolutely necessary and they should wash their hands upon entering the house, without touching any surface. It is being observed that people came out of their homes after clapping for those working for us, on the 'Janata Curfew' day. People should understand that the collective clapping was not aimed at people coming out of their homes. 

Should children be sent to other families to play indoors?

Children should be asked to stay indoors because the people around us may be infected with the coronavirus. The worst part is that the symptoms develop late and COVID-19 is diagnosed late. Therefore, parents should take complete precautions of not sending children elsewhere, to contain the spread of coronavirus. 

Is it safe to order food from outside?

Bachelors and those staying alone should try and eat home-made food. In case they are bound to order food from outside, people should ensure that they sanitize the food box after receiving and thoroughly wash their hands before eating food.

When should the doctor be consulted?

People will experience a common cold and the most important symptom is high fever, when in coronavirus. Other than this, dry and sore throat along with breathlessness are other symptoms of COVID-19. People who develop symptoms should use a napkin before coughing and sneezing. Doctors should be consulted in case fever persists for two or more days. 

What precautions should be taken to control COVID-19 spread through domestic help?

It is believed that maids and domestic help travel along various places to come to your place. Moreover, they visit many homes for household chores. People should avoid calling their maids and domestic help from outside as those who come from outside are more likely to bring in the virus. On the other hand, your domestic help may also be at risk of transmission through you, or any other family member in the family. 

Are masks important?

Masks are especially important for those who are still going outside their homes for work. Doctors, nurses, paramedical staff and other such people who come in the contact of patients are required to wear masks. Moreover, patients should also wear masks. The most basic thing you should keep in mind after wearing a mask is that the outer surface of the mask should not be touched. 

Are all mass gatherings harmful?

At this time, when coronavirus is spreading across the country, gatherings should largely be avoided. However, staying safe from coronavirus depends on the individual's immunity. 

Is it okay to cover face with a napkin rather than mask?

Markets are seeing a shortage of masks today and so people can cover their face through a napkin. The main idea is to cover your nose and mouth while coughing and sneezing and to prevent outside infection from entering your body.

Can spirit be used in place of hand sanitizer?

Hand sanitizers and masks have disappeared from the market and so people are taking to other means to restrict the spread of coronavirus. If you do not have a hand sanitizer, it is completely acceptable to use spirit. 

What precautions should be taken by those who have been home-quarantined?

Those who are quarantined at home should basically stay in isolation. They should use separate washrooms and should eat food in separate utensils. Moreover, the utensils used by a coronavirus suspect should be washed by themselves. People in home quarantine should consult a doctor as soon as they develop any symptoms. 

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