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Roadies Real Heroes: Neha Dhupia at loggerheads with Prince, Nikhil; calls them stupid

Gang leaders Neha Dhupia, Nikhil Chinapa and Prince Narula in adventure-based reality show Roadies Real Heroes were seen engaged in an argument. Here's what happened.

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New Delhi Published on: May 13, 2019 19:12 IST
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Roadies Real Heroes: Neha Dhupia at loggerheads with Prince, Nikhil; calls them stupid

A heated verbal battle and loud voices -- the situation is now warming up in the youth-based reality show "Roadies Real Heroes" as gang leaders Neha Dhupia, Nikhil Chinapa and Prince Narula were seen engaged in an argument. It began with 'Ringmaster' Rannvijay Singha introducing this week's task 'Relay Jelay' to the contestants where every gang had to lift their leaders on a palanquin. Whoever would win the task would get an advantage. 

As the task was introduced, Neha was apprehensive whether her team would be able to lift her carefully. Things got murkier as Rannvijay added a new twist to the task: If the contestants got dehydrated and wanted to drink water during the task, each water bottle consumed would add 5 kg weight onto their palanquin.

During the vote night, Prince commented: "Strong contestant ko vote out kardo (vote out strong contestants)", and accused Neha of stopping people to join his team. This didn't go down well with Neha and she got into a heated argument with him, calling him stupid. "If I want to make Prince's gang weak, I had the option to send somebody who I thought is weak into Prince's gang. I have never gone screaming from the rooftop whether I have won or not. I won last year, and the year before that and the first time I am saying it out loud... Because you guys are just stupid," Neha said.

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I’m writing this in the air, 30,000 feet about the ground, on my way to Egypt for a quick diving break with @fleetfootadventures. More on that later, but first - the episode. The gang leaders didn’t have much to contribute during this task. Prince, Sandeep and I took the time off to hit the local gym in Munnar - a rather rough and ready place that reminded me of the first gym I ever joined when I was in college. Sticky floors, smelly walls and lots and lots of raw iron weights. Back then, in 1992, I used to get beaten up a lot. I was scrawny, weighed 51kgs and a had a really big mouth, which always landed me in trouble. Girls thought I was funny, guys thought I was a pr*ck - and most of these guys had the same IQ and personality as that of a parasitic fungus infection on a camel’s arse 🐪 . And since they could never win a verbal repartee, they often retaliated by using my face as a punching bag. I don’t remember it hurting much (one of the tricks of getting hit is knowing how to get hit) but I eventually tired of being hauled off by gangs and kicked about - and so I joined a gym to build some muscle. It worked - I’ve never had anyone lay a hand on me since 👊 . But I’ve digressed considerably and so let’s leap back into our episode of @mtvroadies as the contestants lurched their way through the marketplace in Munnar. I enjoyed watching the episode and the frustrations the teams went through. While hard work and talent did count, luck - as it so often does on Roadies - played a major part in determining the eventual winners. It’s also true though, that on this show you very often make your own luck, by picking the right team, making the right friends and forming the right alliances 🤞 . Both Sahiba and Preeti have been left wondering at what might have been. If Krishna had fought to do the math task, things might have been very different for him by now too. Similarly, Ashish is cast adrift on an open sea as well. At one time, he was certain he’d be in Raftaar’s gang - but now for Sohil, Krishna and him, time is running out. 📸: @rjdeigg + @gauravkalushte8. @mtvroadies @mtvindia #roadiesrealheroes

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Other gang leaders such as Raftaar and Sandeep came to the actress' support, while Nikhil supported Prince and blamed Neha for not letting two contestants join their favourite gang leader's team in the previous episode.

While the episode ended on a note of confusion about who will get voted note, Rannvijay Singha has a surprise planned for the contestants. After a shocking vote out, Rannvijay Singh will throw a trump card and chose one contestant as his ‘Joker’. The selected contestant will get on the journey along with Rannvijay and be put in a gang later in the show.

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