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Bigg Boss Tamil Grand Finale: Aarav bags the winner title; Oviya receives thunderous applause from audience

Director Shankar and producer Dil Raju made a surprise appearance in Bigg Boss Tamil Grand Finale and announced Indian 2

India TV Entertainment Desk Written by: India TV Entertainment Desk New Delhi Published on: October 01, 2017 12:48 IST
bigg boss tamil grand finale aarav oviya
Bigg Boss Tamil Grand Finale- Aarav bags winning title

Just when Salman Khan’s Bigg Boss 11 is set to make a grand premiere, Kamal Haasan’s Bigg Boss Tamil bids farewell from TV. The day was packed with emotions, nostalgia and excitement. The grand finale of Bigg Boss Tamil took place on Saturday night. It was a gala affair, just as we thought about it to be. Fans of Bigg Boss Tamil waited for this day with bated breath and the whole episode was a nail-biting affair for every BB Tamil fan. Dancer Sandy commenced the show with a power-packed performance dedicated to the show. The dancer number kept the attention of the audience and took them on a trip down the memory lane. After that, the eliminated contestants went inside the house for the song ‘'Aalaporan Tamizhan' from Mersal.

Fans were excited to see the old housemates once again with the four finalists- Snehan, Ganesh, Harish and Aarav. Some recalled their days of togetherness and some even sought apologies from each other. Snehan reveals that he’s not able to sleep and he’s going to miss the house. He also said that he never cries but he’s an emotional being. When the old housemates woke Harish and Aarav up, they couldn’t believe their eyes if this is a dream or reality. 

Among all the old housemates, people’s favourite was Oviya. Everyone had their eyes glued on her to see how she would talk to Aarav, knowing that he refused her proposal when she was there in the house. She evicted herself citing medical reasons. Oviya tells Anuya that she doesn’t know what to say and she would just like to enjoy the moment. The encounter of Oviya and Aarav was definitely awkward. Aarav exchanged pleasantries and indulged in a brief conversation in the makeup room. Oviya says that she doesn't want to disturb Aarav again and also that he has lost a lot of weight. 

Show host Kamal Haasan invited all the contestants on the stage. Families of all the four contestants were also there. Kamal asks Ganesh’s wife Nisha to invite the second runner-up of the show-Ganesh. Oviya is asked to invite a housemate back to the stage. The audience was expecting Oviya to invite Aarav, but she chose Harish instead. Harish says that the only person who went through all the ups and downs deserves the title. Ganesh thanked the audience for their love. Kamal Hasaan then invites the final two contestants on stage. Aarav and Snehan came to the stage after bidding goodbye to the house. 

Aarav is the winner of the title and is awarded prize money of Rs. 50,00,000. He thanked his parents, teachers and the audience for voting him. Kamal Haasan reveals the fact the show has garnered 76, 76, 53,065 votes in total. Interestingly, he also thanked the trolls and memes who made the show even more popular. Bharani also got thunderous applause from the audience. She was seated next to Oviya. 

Director Shankar and producer Dil Raju made a surprise appearance on the show and announced Indian 2. After Rajinikanth’s 2.0, he is planning to do Indian 2. Kamal Haasan adds that none of his films was launched on a big stage. 

Kamal Haasan also spoke about his entry into politics. He said that he’s forming a political party for love and not for greed. He said he would be responsible for public and asked people to support anyone who’s there for their betterment. Bigg Boss Tamil ended with Kamal Haasan switching off the lights in the Bigg Boss house. 

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