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  5. Utkarsh Sharma reacts to Ameesha Patel's 'limelight' statement: 'Apne kaam pe dhyaan...' | EXCLUSIVE

Utkarsh Sharma reacts to Ameesha Patel's 'limelight' statement: 'Apne kaam pe dhyaan...' | EXCLUSIVE

Ameesha Patel appears to have a somewhat strained relationship with director Anil Sharma. She recently discussed her experiences with the director and his son, Utkarsh Sharma. In an interview, Utkarsh responded to actress' statement regarding him and the discussion surrounding his career.

Written By: Ridhi Suri @SuriRidhi New Delhi Updated on: October 18, 2023 13:19 IST
Ameesha Patel along with Anil Sharma
Image Source : FILE IMAGE Ameesha Patel along with Anil Sharma/ Utkarsh Sharma

Anil Sharma's recent directorial, 'Gadar 2,' made a significant impact at the box office, breaking records. The film brought back the iconic pairing of Sunny Deol and Ameesha Patel in their respective roles as Tara and Sakina. Notably, it introduced their grown-up son, Jeete, portrayed by Utkarsh Sharma. However, there were reports that Ameesha expressed dissatisfaction with Utkarsh's performance, suggesting that the focus on his character didn't succeed as Tara and Sakina stole the 'limelight'. 

Expressing his confusion on why she would make such a comment, Utkarsh told India TV that Ameesha's comments are 'unfounded and useless'. He believes that actors can leave a significant impact with even a single scene in a film, and he is grateful for all the love he is receiving from fans and audience for 'Gadar 2.'

Soon after the film was released, Ameesha, in an interview said, "I feel bad for Anil ji since he tried to push his son Utkarsh a lot in Gadar 2, but eventually, Tara and Sakina stole the limelight". Reacting to this, Utkarsh told India TV, "Yeh toh bahot useless comment hai...Unke baare mein kya kahun, voh kuch bhi kehti hain, unko hum bhi seriously nahi lete, na hi public unko seriously leti hain, toh unke comments unfounded hain... hume bahot pyaar mill raha hai, voh apne kam pe dhyan rakhe and unko best wishes dete hain hum, voh dusro ke liye bhi best wishes de toh behtar hoga. ("This is a useless comment...What can I say about her? She says whatever she wants, and we don't take them seriously. The public doesn't take her seriously either, so her comments are unfounded... We are receiving a lot of love, and we wish them well in their work. It would be better if she also extend her best wishes to others.)"

Watch the full video here:

Seems like Ameesha Patel and director Anil Sharma have unresolved issues related to their collaboration on 'Gadar 2.' Prior to the film's release, Ameesha had accused Anil Sharma of not settling payments for technicians and cited mismanagement during shoots, leading to crew members facing difficulties.

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