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Deepika Padukone & her team buy 24 acid bottles in a day. Watch this eye-opening social experiment

Deepika Padukone was shocked to see that most of the shopkeepers selling acid bottles didn't follow the Supreme Court guidelines.

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New Delhi Updated on: January 15, 2020 16:10 IST
Deepika Padukone

Deepika Padukone conducts social experiment with her team

Team Chhapaak is conducting various social experiments to raise awareness regarding acid attacks and its survivors. After revealing people's reaction to spotting acid attack survivors among themselves in a social experiment, Deepika conducted another sting operation. This time Deepika wanted to see whether Supreme Court guidelines are followed while selling acid bottles or not. To her shock, none of the shopkeepers barring one asked for ID proof from the buyer.

It is easy to buy acid in the country as the social experiment shows. Deepika's team dressed as different professionals such as a plumber, a businessman, a student, a drunkard, a housewife and a street goon were able to buy 24 acid bottles.

Actors asked shopkeepers to give them the strongest acid which can burn the skin. Most of the shopkeepers didn't enquire much and easily gave them the bottle.

Deepika shared the video on her Instagram with the caption, ''Won’t Buy Won’t Sell - A Chhapaak Social Experiment Acid has corroded many lives, crushed many dreams, dashed many hopes and scarred many futures. #WontBuyWontSell #Chhapaak''.

Watch the video below:

Team Chhapaak's previous social experiment showed Deepika dressed as Malti walking in multi-brand stores, and flea markets while the hidden cameras capture her. The video was titled 'Malti on the move! A Chhapaak Social Experiment'. 

In the end, Deepika concludes by saying "Acid bikne ki sabse badi vajah acid khud hai. Agar ye bikta nahi toh phikta nahi''. The survivors also read out norms and guidelines provided by SC on the selling of acid bottles.

The actress also adds that it's our responsibility to inform the police if we spot anyone illegally selling or buying acid.


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