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Weekly Horoscope (May 29-June 4): Aries, Leo to be careful with finances; Profitable for Gemini, Cancer

Weekly Horoscope (May 29-June 4): Financially unstable week for Aries, Leo and other zodiac signs. Cancers may get good job offers. Know what the stars have in store for you.

Chirag Bejan Daruwalla Written By: Chirag Bejan Daruwalla @ChiragDaruwalla New Delhi Updated on: May 29, 2023 7:42 IST
Weekly Horoscope
Image Source : FREEPIK Weekly Horoscope (May 29-June 4)


Ganesha says this week, the people of Aries can feel a different energy within themselves. You are ready to face others. The planetary positions suggest that this is the right time for you to start new ventures and pursue your goals with determination. In matters of love, you may experience a surge in passion and romance.

Finance: Aries sign people need to be careful this week in terms of money. However, your enthusiasm and confidence may tempt you to indulge in impulsive purchases or risky investments. But it is important to maintain a balanced approach.

Love: In matters of love, Aries, this week brings a wave of enthusiasm and enthusiasm. Together with your partner, you can consider taking your relationship forward and deepening your emotional bond. This week is all about fiery energy, letting love guide you to pleasurable experiences and deeper relationships.

Business: This week you can experience growth and success in your career. Your energy and enthusiasm are at an all-time high, allowing you to tackle tasks with great efficiency. Embrace your natural leadership skills and take charge of projects.

Education: There will be many such opportunities for the student when you will be able to show your ability in front of everyone. Wait for the right time and make the most of the opportunities.

Health: Prioritizing your health is essential for Aries this week. The planetary positions encourage you to pay attention to your physical and mental needs.


Ganesha says the people of Taurus may have to face some ups and downs this week. Planetary energies are aligning to bring you a wave of excitement and wonder.

Finance: You stay grounded, trust your instincts and make wise financial choices. The stars are in your favor, guiding you toward financial stability and wealth. This week you can plan to invest or get involved in any other project, which can give you monetary benefits.

Love: You prepare to make your own decisions, as passion ignites and romance takes center stage. Whether you're single or committed, the planet holds exciting surprises.

Business: Taurus sign people should be ready for new things this week. Because this week success is knocking at your door. Your determination and determined approach toward your career is going to pay off in a big way.

Education: If you want to take more classes, this is the week to do so as your learning can help you gain a solid foundation.

Health: Take special care of your health this week. The planets are encouraging you to prioritize your care and start taking care of yourself. You find balance in your daily routine, which includes nutritious food and regular exercise.


Ganesha says This week, you may find yourself embracing change and experiencing new horizons. Your natural curiosity will lead you to exciting opportunities for personal growth and expansion. Trust your instincts and don't be afraid to voice your opinion.

Finance: Your economic outlook will be promising this week. Opportunities for increased income and financial stability may present themselves. Keep an eye out for new ways to diversify your income and invest wisely.

Love: This week the people of Gemini can experience love. As you deepen your connection with your partner, passion, and romance will be experienced in existing relationships. 

Business: Your career will be at the center of attraction this week. Exciting opportunities and successes await you. Rely on your innovative ideas and creative thinking to set you apart from the competition.

Education: With enough effort, determination can lead to successful motivation and it is very important for you to be patient in your efforts.

Health: It is necessary for Gemini people to prioritize their health this week. Engage in activities that bring you pleasure and help you relax, such as exercise, yoga, or meditation.


Ganesha says The planets are in your favor this week. Also, you can experience new things this week, because the planets have brought many new opportunities for you this week. Trust your intuition and follow your desires.

Finance: The economic side of Cancer will be good this week. At the same time, you can also get involved in many new projects to make your money go ahead. You must handle your finances with confidence and precision.

Love: Cancerians will enjoy good times in their love life this week. If you are looking forward to a good relationship, then this week is auspicious for you. Existing relationships may deepen with emotional resonance, while single Cancerians may meet their suitable life partner.

Business: Your career will take center stage this week. You can get benefits in your professional life. Your nurturing nature and innate insight will propel you to new heights.

Education: Your eagerness to get involved in the learning process is a good way to broaden your horizons. This is a wonderful opportunity for you students who have worked hard to build a solid foundation for your studies.

Health: This week you should take special care of your health. Give your body rest, so that you feel better. You can focus on self-care this week. For this, you should consume yoga and nutritious food and practice mindfulness to find inner peace.


Ganesha says You are feeling the call of adventure and expansion this week. This is a good time to express your feelings and foster a sense of understanding and harmony. However, be careful with your arrogance and avoid being overly assertive or dominating. In terms of work, this is a period of growth and recognition.

Finance: This week calls for careful planning and strategic decision-making. This is the time to assess your financial goals and make practical adjustments to achieve them. Pay close attention to your expenses and budget to maintain stability.

Love: This week promises excitement and passion. If you are single, the planet may bring you an exciting encounter. Keep your heart and mind open, as unexpected connections can turn into something meaningful.

Business: Collaborative effort and teamwork will prove beneficial. Accept challenges as a ladder of growth and showcase your creativity and innovation. Your hard work and determination will be noticed and rewarded.

Education: If you receive incremental information that builds your confidence, you may be more satisfied with the direction your life is taking. If you stick to your preparation schedule, you can get an advantage over your competitors and counterparts.

Health: Incorporate regular exercise into your routine to increase your energy levels and boost overall vitality. Take breaks and make time for relaxation to combat stress and rejuvenate your mind. Make quality sleep a priority to boost your immune system and support optimal functioning.


Ganesha says This week is about unleashing your incredible potential! Your skills and expertise are being recognized, and opportunities for advancement are on the horizon.

Finances: Pay attention to details and take advantage of profitable opportunities that come your way. Your practical approach and focus on financial matters will bring stability and growth.

Love: Open your heart to new possibilities and allow your inner charm to attract others. As you embrace vulnerability and authenticity. Deep connections and meaningful conversations await you, so feel free to express your feelings.

Business: Your analytical skills and practical approach will impress colleagues and superiors alike. Stay organized, set achievable goals, and watch your professional dreams come true.

Education: Students participating in sports or games can achieve success through hard work, but they must monitor their health and exercise regularly, and creating a routine and sticking to it is a good place to start. 

Health: Listen to your body's signals and make self-care a non-negotiable priority. By promoting a harmonious balance, you will increase your vitality and spread positive energy. Remember, your well-being is your superpower, so make this week a celebration of health and vibrant life!


Ganesha says This week you will find that you are looking for balance in both your personal and professional life. Focus on creating harmony in your relationships and maintaining a calm and peaceful environment. 

Finance: Be wary of impulse purchases and prioritize long-term financial stability over short-term gratification. Consult a trusted financial advisor if needed. This week can also present unexpected opportunities for financial growth, so be open to new ventures or investments. 

Love:  Express your feelings honestly, as this will pave the way for meaningful relationships. This week brings love, harmony, and a chance to create beautiful memories with someone special.

Business: Trust your intuition when making important decisions and be open to innovative ideas that can enhance your professional growth. Take the time to hone your skills and invest in self-improvement, as it will pay off in the long run.

Education: Try not to get disenchanted with your current academic focus and keep your wits about you because time is on your side when it comes to learning new things.

Health: Your health takes center stage this week, urging you to prioritize your well-being. Make quality sleep a priority to restore your energy levels. It's important to listen to your body and address any health concerns right away.


Ganesha says This week has brought intense energy and transformative opportunities for Scorpio. Trust your instincts and let your intuition guide you through important decisions. In your relationships, communicate honestly and authentically.

Finance: Scorpio, this week calls for careful financial planning and smart decision-making. Evaluate your budget and spending habits, and identify areas where you can cut down and save.

Love: This week you can express your desires, due to which your existing relationships become deeper. Embrace intimacy and share your deepest feelings with your partner, fostering a strong and meaningful relationship.

Business: Your ability to go deep and analyze situations will give you a competitive edge this week. Stay committed to your goals and maintain a strong work ethic. With persistence and strategic thinking, you can make significant progress toward your long-term career aspirations.

Education: You should be more keen and dedicated towards your studies this week and this can help you keep calm, especially if you are unsure or worried about your academic abilities or achievement.

Health: This week demands balance in all aspects of your life including your diet. Nourish your body with nutritious foods and stay hydrated. Restful sleep is essential, so create a peaceful environment that allows rest to rejuvenate.


Ganesha says You can feel your time and energy running out as the week progresses. Remember to prioritize self-care and set boundaries to avoid burnout. Taking short breaks and practicing can help you stay focused.

Finance: You may experience an increase in your income or discover new opportunities to grow your wealth. This is a favorable time to invest wisely or engage in financial planning for the future.

Love: Your bond with your partner will deepen and you can embark on new adventures together. However, communication problems may arise, leading to misunderstandings.

Business: Embrace new opportunities that come your way and take calculated risks. Your courage and confidence will pay off, and you may get recognition or rewards for your hard work.

Education: You may need to spend more time and demonstrate your knowledge. You must also be able to manage your time effectively. It may be difficult for you to concentrate on your studies.

Health: Pay attention to your dietary choices, choosing nutritious foods that energize your body. Although your enthusiasm can lead you to take on many tasks, be careful not to overexert yourself. 


Ganesha says You may experience a new sense of purpose and determination this week. Your ambitious nature will be at the forefront, motivating you to pursue your goals. This is an excellent time to progress in your career or take on new responsibilities that showcase your skills.

Finance: Maintain a balanced approach towards your expenses and make financial stability a priority. Take advice from professionals if necessary and do thorough research before making significant financial commitments.

Love: In matters of love, this week has brought stability and deep connections for Capricorns. If you are in a relationship, you will feel a strong sense of commitment and loyalty to your partner.

Business: Your practicality and attention to detail will be highly appreciated, allowing you to excel in your field. Collaboration and effective communication will be the key to success this week. Network with colleagues, share ideas, and receive feedback to foster professional growth.

Education: Your efforts may be rewarded. Continue to focus your learning activities on meeting your goals and your performance can improve dramatically, winning you the game in the end.

Health: Take a break from work or responsibilities to engage in activities that bring you joy and relaxation. Additionally, mental wellness is important. Self-reflection and meditation to maintain emotional balance.


Ganesha says You can feel purpose and ambition this week. Your intuition is leading you toward success. This is a good time to focus on your long-term goals and make plans for the future.

Finance: This week has brought positive financial prospects for the people of Aquarius. Your disciplined approach to money management pays off, as you see your efforts translate into increased stability and security. You may get unexpected financial gains or opportunities that increase your income.

Love: For the people of Aquarius, this week will bring exciting developments in your love life. If you are unmarried, your love life may move forward. 

Business: Your communication skills are particularly strong, allowing you to express your ideas with clarity and conviction. Collaborative projects can thrive and you excel in a team environment.

Education:This week can be a bit difficult for students who are active in sports. Make a plan and stick to it. Instead of dwelling on the past, try to focus on the future.

Health: It is important to prioritize your health this week. Pay attention to your physical and mental needs. Regular exercise or engaging in physical activity will help relieve stress and maintain overall vitality.


Ganesha says Pisces This week you can feel creativity and inspiration. Your artistic abilities increase and you can express yourself through various forms of art or creativity. 

Finance: It is important for Pisces people to pay full attention to their finances this week. Take a thorough look at your financial situation and make necessary adjustments.

Love: This week, love will be at the center for the people of Pisces. If you are single, you can meet someone who can make you feel good. Express your wishes and feelings.

Business: For Pisces people, this week has brought positive development in your career. Your easygoing and empathetic nature serves you well when you ease into professional situations.

Education: Study in a quiet, comfortable environment and you'll be more focused and determined than you need to be to improve your performance.

Health: Prioritize your health this week Pisces. Pay attention to your physical and mental needs and make your care a priority. Regular exercise or engaging in physical activity will help you maintain a balanced state of mind and body.



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