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Horoscope Today, May 20: Favourable day for Gemini; THESE zodiac signs may face financial issues

Today is the fifth day and Friday of Jyeshtha Krishna Paksha. Panchami Tithi will remain till 5.30 pm today. This afternoon, there will be auspicious yoga for the first 11.25 minutes, after that there will be Shukla yoga. At the same time, after crossing the whole day of today, Uttarashada Nakshatra will remain till 1.18 o'clock late in the night. Know from Acharya Indu Prakash, how will be your day on May 20 according to the zodiac and by what measures you can improve it.

India TV Lifestyle Desk Edited by: India TV Lifestyle Desk New Delhi Published on: May 20, 2022 6:07 IST
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Today you can get good results of hard work. Today there can be a meeting with a relative which can benefit you a lot. If you are planning to go out somewhere with your spouse, then today is a very good day. It is going to be beneficial for the builders. You can benefit from a new deal today. People will be impressed by your nature today.


Today will bring great moments for you. The business class can make money today. It is a very good day for Civil Engineers students, they can get a call for a job from a big company. Work in the office will be completed easily. You will get full support of friends. Today is a good day to make friends with someone. Your relations with everyone in the family will be strong.


Today's day will be favourable for you. All the work will be completed one after the other in the office. New avenues of progress will also be seen. You can get promotion opportunities with the support of seniors. Today is also a good day for the lawyers of this zodiac. Students will take interest in studies. Today is a good day for married people. You can go to a religious place with your spouse. 


The family troubles which have been going on for many days will be sorted today, due to which there will be an atmosphere of happiness in the family. Today some new responsibilities in the office can fall on your shoulders. Students may have to work hard in studies. Enemies may try to harass you today, you should be careful with them. While coming home in the evening, you can meet an old friend, you will like it. Health will be a bit mixed today, it is better to avoid junk food.


Today you can make a plan to go somewhere with a friend. You can get some pleasant news from your life partner. You will feel very good by helping a needy person. There may be some scolding from the tuition teachers for not completing the homework of the children. By spending time with family members, you will be able to understand everyone better. You can also go out for dinner with them. Health will be fit today. There is a need to be a little careful while driving on the road.


Today, you will feel energetic throughout the day and with the use of this energy, you will be able to complete the work which has been stalled for several days in the office on time. Today is a good day for the students. If you are going for an interview, then you can get success. Today will also be a good day for lovemate. Today some people can expect more from you. You can get good advice from someone in terms of investment.


Today is a good day for you. Many people will be impressed by your ability today. You can be respected in society. Today is an important day for the students. Today there may be some differences with a friend about something, it is better to avoid unnecessary arguments. Today the financial side will be strong. You can get many golden opportunities to show your skills.


Today will be a normal day. There may be some obstacles in completing the office work, but with the help of a colleague, the problems will be overcome. Organising a party in the family today will keep harmony among all the members. If you are going to start some new work. It would be good to take the opinion of your parents first. Society people will be happy with your social work today. It will be beneficial for the people associated with the marketing. Today is a favourable day for lovemate.


Today your mind will be more engaged in worship. Today you can go to a temple with children for darshan. Love will increase in the family. Today you can go to a friend's house for some work. Today is an auspicious day for unmarried people, marriage proposals can be received. Success in love affair is certain. Your married life will also be good. Opponents will not be able to harm you. 


Today your mind will be stable. Your performance in the office will be good today. Also, seniors can gift a book after being happy with your work. It would be better not to give your opinion unnecessarily in someone else's work today. If a friend is praising you today, then be careful, there may be some conspiracy behind it. Health will be fine today. Today is a good day for the postman. Opportunities for promotion may be available in the workplace. There will be a lot of improvement in the economic situation.


Today luck will be with you. It is going to give more benefits for the businessman. If you are thinking of starting a new business, then definitely ask your spouse. Opportunities to make money can be found. Happiness will come. Today will be a normal day for the students. If you make some changes in your studies, you can get better results in your career. If you are planning to travel somewhere with your family, then today is a good day. Health will also be good today.


Today will be spent in travel. You may have to travel abroad due to some office work, do not forget to carry necessary documents while traveling. The arrival of a distant relative in the house will create an atmosphere of happiness. You can also make a plan to go to a restaurant. Today is a good day for the businessman, as well as new avenues of progress, will be seen open.