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  4. Vlogger dubs sabudana vada as 'Indian Donut,’ internet reacts as video goes viral | WATCH

Vlogger dubs sabudana vada as 'Indian Donut,’ internet reacts as video goes viral | WATCH

Travel vlogger Nick Gray enjoys Mumbai's sabudana vada at Prakash Shakahari Upahar Kendra, hailing it as his favourite dish. Calls them 'Indian doughnuts.' The video sparked debate online. Watch the viral video and reactions.

Written By: Rahul Pratyush @29_pratyush New Delhi Published on: July 11, 2024 9:45 IST
sabudana vada as Indian Donut
Image Source : INSTAGRAM Vlogger dubs sabudana vada as Indian Donut

Recently, a viral video featured travel vlogger Nick Gray enjoying sabudana vada at Mumbai's renowned Prakash Shakahari Upahar Kendra. Gray praises the restaurant for its ‘best breakfast’ and introduces his "favourite dish in the whole world." Initially calling it sabudana vada, he later refers to it as ‘Indian donuts,’ highlighting its popularity as a breakfast staple in Maharashtra. Made from tapioca and peanuts, Gray gingerly cuts into the crunchy vada with two spoons, expressing a playful concern about making a mess.

Watch the viral video:

The vlogger's reel, with over 870K views, sparked a flurry of corrections from Instagram users, disputing the comparison of sabudana vada to a "donut." Many pointed out the differences, suggesting terms like "tapioca fritters" or simply emphasizing its light, savoury nature. The vlogger acknowledged the feedback, expressing a desire for broader American recognition of sabudana vada. He replied, “Yes I think you're right I just wanted it to go viral for more Americans to know about Sabudana wada.” Some commenters also shared recommendations for other must-try dishes.

One user commented, “BTW Indian doughnut could Mendu Vada and not sabudana vada, " on the reel. Another user commented, “You can call it Sago peanut fritters... Just the perfect place to have it in Mumbai.” A third user expressed his displeasure with vada’s comparison to doughnuts, “NOO MAN. Don't call it a donut. It is called a 'vada'.” A fourth user joined the comments section and wrote, “Eat with your hands... that's the most uncomfortable way to eat sabudana Vada....u are at risk of launching that Vada in someone's face like a cannonball…”

Some users even hailed Nick for exploring more even foods. A user wrote, “Finally people like you are making efforts to show that Indian food is more than just chicken tikka masala, Naan, butter chicken and biryani.” Another user even recommended the vlogger to try other food items, “You should try their thalipith and Piyush as well.”

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