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'Kutta pagal ho gaya hai’: Jaipur Municipal Corporation's unique website draws social media attention

The Jaipur Municipal Corporation's website has garnered widespread attention for its unconventional approach, featuring complaints in colloquial Hindi that resonate with local residents.

Edited By: Nitin Kumar @Niitz1 Jaipur Updated on: July 11, 2024 21:32 IST
Jaipur Municipal Corporation
Image Source : X/@BALDAATI Jaipur Municipal Corporation's unique website draws social media attention.

In a departure from the usual formal tone of government websites, the Jaipur Municipal Corporation has gained attention for its unique approach. Recently, social media users were entertained to discover that the complaints page on the website features a plethora of grievances expressed in colloquial Hindi.

Residents of Jaipur can lodge complaints ranging from concerns over the burgeoning stray dog population ("Kutte Bahut Ho Gaye Hai") to issues like residential properties being illegally used for commercial purposes ("Marriage Hall Chal Raha Hai"). The website's user-friendly interface allows citizens to easily register their complaints directly online.

This unconventional use of language has sparked a wave of positive reactions online, with users appreciating the municipality's effort to simplify communication and engage with the community effectively. The approach reflects a shift towards more accessible and relatable public service platforms in local governance.

Unconventional complaints page

Casual language

Social media users were amused to discover that the complaints section on Jaipur Municipal Corporation's website uses colloquial Hindi phrases. Complaints range from concerns about the increasing stray dog population ("Kutte Bahut Ho Gaye Hai") to illegal commercial activities in residential areas ("Marriage Hall Chal Raha Hai").

Social media buzz

The website's unique style sparked a flurry of reactions online, with users sharing screenshots and videos of the complaints page, praising its user-friendly approach.

Community reaction

  • Positive feedback: Users appreciated the website's simplicity and accessibility, noting that it effectively addresses common citizen concerns in familiar language.
  • User appreciation: Social media users lauded the developer for making the portal easy to navigate and understand, reflecting the language commonly used by local residents.

Public response

  • User testimonials: Comments on social media highlighted the website as a model of user-centric design, emphasising its utility and directness in addressing civic issues.
  • Impact: The website's approach is seen as bridging the gap between official communication and public accessibility, setting a positive example for municipal services.


Practical innovation: Jaipur Municipal Corporation's website stands out for its innovative use of language, demonstrating a practical approach to engaging citizens effectively.

The website's design reflects efforts to enhance the user experience and encourage citizen participation in municipal governance through straightforward and accessible communication channels.

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