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'Ridiculous': Internet stunned by world's most expensive burger, priced at nearly Rs 4.5 lakh

The world's most expensive burger offers luxury & controversy, priced at €5,000. Critics debate its value, while the chef defends it as a force for good.

Written By: Rahul Pratyush @29_pratyush New Delhi Updated on: July 10, 2024 11:04 IST
World's priciest burger
Image Source : INSTAGRAM World's priciest burger at Rs 4.5 Lakh stuns internet

In today's era of culinary luxury, one burger stands out not only for its sky-high cost but also for its exceptional blend of flavours and ingredients. Recently reaffirmed by the Guinness Book of World Records, the world's priciest burger has once again garnered global attention. Designed to redefine gourmet extravagance, this burger isn't just a dish but an exclusive experience tailored for the most refined tastes.

The burger is appropriately named for its luxurious components, featuring a centre of rich Wagyu beef layered with delicate caviar and flavorful king crab. Even its bun and accompanying onion rings are extraordinary, made with champagne infused with Dom Perignon. But the most impressive detail is its garnish of real gold leaf.

Take a look at the world's most expensive burger:

Priced at around 5,000 euros (approximately Rs 4.5 lakh), this burger goes beyond mere food, representing a symbol of luxury. Recently confirmed by Guinness World Records, it delights with a complex blend of sweet, sour, salty, bitter, and umami flavours, earning praise for its exquisite and tantalising taste profile.

The highly acclaimed burger has stirred controversy online, with numerous voices questioning the justification for such extravagance in a world facing urgent socio-economic challenges. Social media platforms have been abuzz with critiques, ranging from disbelief at its price tag to thoughtful discussions on global inequality and hunger.

A user has commented, “Ridiculous” on Instagram on the Guinness Book of World Records post. Another user questioned its taste and said, “Does it even taste good?” Another Instagram user joked about the burger by commenting, “After eating it did he see Jesus?” A fourth user compared the price of the burger to a trip to Peru, he said, “That sounds like flight tickets and 2 whole weeks in Peru enjoying myself!”

Robert Jan de Ven, the innovative chef behind this extraordinary creation, justifies his burger as a catalyst for positive change. Developed during the Covid-19 lockdown, his aim was not merely to break records but to bring attention to poverty in the Netherlands. The proceeds from the first sale of the “Golden Boy” were earmarked to provide 1,000 food packages for underprivileged families—a gesture to harmonise indulgence with empathy.

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