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Is Indian mothers eating last patriarchy or affection? Twitter users debate

Is it a woman's motherly instinct to feed her family before she sits down for a meal or is it how they are conditioned to always cater to the people around them? Check out what Desi Indians have to say about it!

India TV Trending Desk Edited by: India TV Trending Desk New Delhi Published on: June 14, 2022 21:35 IST
Indian mothers

Indian mothers

One of the prevalent practices in Indian households has been that women eat last after the men of the house have finished their meal. This leads to them eating fewer meals and cold food affecting their health. Although most of the women say that they do it out of love and it doesn't really matter to them if they eat last or first.  Is it a gender role or women are conditioned to function this way is a topic of debate. However, today's generation believe that this is unfair and such practice should be either stopped or altered. When we talk about equality and women empowerment, such practices cannot stay away from being discussed. Recently, Twitter user Anshika Malik has posted about the social norm. She tweeted, "People say ‘Ladies first, but my mom eats at last."

This sparked a debate on a microblogging site, where a section of users said that it is due to their affection and others pointed out that it is patriarchy. A user wrote, "I wont have that at my place, always encourage my wife and mom to eat first. Cant have it any other way." Another said, "U would like to believe it's due to some patriarchal oppression against woman.. but the fact is it's mothers love and affection towards her family, this behaviour can be found across all life form.." "That has been a tradition in our culture which needs to be changed," said another user. 

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