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  • Diwali 2016: How to keep pets safe

    Diwali 2016: Your pet dog can stay safe and calm during and after celebrations, here’s how

    Lifestyle | October 25, 2016 14:06 IST

    Diwali may be the perfect time for celebrations and festivity all around, but it can be a very traumatic time for your pets. Your four-legged friends have extremely sensitive ears and noses and get very

  • Snake Bite Treatment

    Scientists develop new anti-venom to save dogs from snakebites

    World | July 08, 2016 11:30 IST

    Canberra :Australian scientists have developed a new anti-venom to protest dogs and other household pets from deadly snakebites. According to the researchers from the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), this new more

  • summer tips know how to keep your beloved pets cool

    Summer tips: Know how to keep your beloved 'pets' cool!

    Lifestyle | July 05, 2015 20:06 IST

    London: During the current heat wave, it is important that all animals are kept cool to prevent discomfort and serious health problems. So, keep your pet hydrated and avoid the midday sun to make sure

  • pets outnumber children in brazil

    Pets outnumber children in Brazil

    World | June 03, 2015 9:42 IST

    Rio de Janerio: Pets have outnumbered children in Brazilian households, according to an official report released on Tuesday by the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE), a media report said on Wednesday.There are 52.2

  • best grooming parlours for your pets

    Best grooming parlours for your pets

    Lifestyle | February 18, 2015 18:32 IST

    Love can never be chained- Be it for human beings or animals. If you love someone flawlessly then who cares if they are your pets, friends or family members. If you have ever kept a

  • british woman eaten by pets at home

    British woman eaten by pets at home

    World | August 13, 2013 23:49 IST

    London: An elderly and reclusive woman died unnoticed and her body was gnawed by her cats as she lay unnoticed inside her home in Britain for several weeks, an inquest has heard.Janet Veal's body was

  • python escapes from pet store strangles two boys to death

    Python escapes from pet store, strangles two boys to death in Canada

    World | August 07, 2013 6:28 IST

    Campbellton,  New Brunswick, Aug 7:  A python escaped from its enclosure at a pet store in Canada, slithered through a ventilation system into an upstairs apartment and killed two young boys as they slept, police

  • tips to keep your pets safe during summer monsoon

    Tips to keep your pets safe during summer, monsoon

    Lifestyle | July 04, 2013 7:59 IST

    New Delhi,June 20: If you see your dear pet lazying around, vomiting, drooling or panting, take it immediately to a good veterinarian. Beware, it can be a heatstroke caused by hot and humid weather.Experts suggest,

  • are pets better listeners

    Are pets better listeners?

    Lifestyle | June 01, 2013 11:37 IST

    Sydney: A survey has suggested that most females consider their pets to be better listeners than their partners.Galaxy Research survey, conducted for Woolworths Pet Insurance, found that 63 percent female pet owners rated their dog