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Best grooming parlours for your pets

Love can never be chained- Be it for human beings or animals. If you love someone flawlessly then who cares if they are your pets, friends or family members. If you have ever kept a

India TV News Desk India TV News Desk Updated on: February 18, 2015 18:32 IST
best grooming parlours for your pets
best grooming parlours for your pets

Love can never be chained- Be it for human beings or animals. If you love someone flawlessly then who cares if they are your pets, friends or family members. If you have ever kept a pet in your home then you will know the real meaning of having someone special in your life else you will just take them as a domestic pet not a family member.

All of us must have seen here or there pets roaming with their owners in the park or in the streets and may also want to have a second look. But have we ever wondered that how these pets are cared and what sort of special treatment do they get? Just as we humans love luxury - our pets too love to have that special treatment.

They too love being cuddled! If you have been taking your pets to parlours then it's so good of you but if you have been thinking to take them to best of the places so that your pets aren't hurt and don't feel scared then below we have mentioned the best of the places for your pets where you do not need to think much! Just let them do the work and you sit in the couch reading magazines!  

Shevar is the place where your pets will get the feeling of home. Just as western part of the world, India too has all the facilities and pampering for your pets for which Shevar is known for. They are trained professionals who have been trained from abroad and been certified as all breed professional canine and feline groomer.

They too have created India's first dog spa. Now, isn't this exciting?  Just like you love to take sometime for you so that you can pamper yourself – be it spa or anything you love, now your pooches can also do so. They too can take the mesmerizing spa experience as their owners...

They not only give your pooches good and trendy haircuts; popular among pets but they too act as dentists by helping to improve the oral health of your dogs by scaling their teeth.

If you are truly a pet lover then you will surely love the way they treat your pets. They know what sort of special bond you share with your pet and how close they are to you. Don't worry they are pet lovers too! You yourself will experience the best customer grooming experience. Your pet is groomed lovingly with unmatched expertise at Shevar.

If you are not able to visit them, Shevar has divided the services named; Dogs, cats and misc under the products section for your ease. Shop quality goods from here and make their life happening as yours!

If you want to make a career in dog grooming or are just curious to learn more about the finer aspects of the subject, then just join Shevar grooming school from which you can choose these 2 courses:

1) Certified Professional All-Breed Grooming Course (course for becoming professional groomer with international certification)

2) Certified Professional All-Breed Grooming Course

For a change you can also take your dog to scoopyscrub, which is also the best place to give your pooches a great delight. Here you can get all national and international brands of food and snacks, pet accessories, toys, grooming equipment, dog houses, air transportation kennels and veterinarian items.  They also provide services such as pet grooming, dog trainers, guard dogs and handlers, pet boarding and lodging, aquarium servicing and pet transportation services.

Be it dogs, cats, fishes (fresh water & marine) Exotic birds, Hamsters, Guinea pigs, rabbits or any other pets they deal with all live pets carefully.

Don't you worry here is a list of wonders for your pets as they provide world class facilities such as:   

Pet Hygiene

Basic Grooming/ Complete Grooming

Bath tick and Flea bath

D-Matting, Body Clip
Show Grooming

If you want to do a course then as per your requirements you can opt for Pet grooming course and Franchise where you will learn about them in two different course Basic Level and Advance level.

The best thing about scoopyscrub is that they even take your pets on a tour once a month called Scooby weekend. It's a great opportunity for your pets to enjoy the free time with you.

Try to improve the lifestyle of your dogs or any pets you have as they deserve to be treated a lot better.








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