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YouTube to introduce Google Lens button for seamless video search: Here’s how

YouTube is working towards upgrading the platform by introducing several new features with the aim to make the platform more user-friendly.

Written By: Saumya Nigam @snigam04 New Delhi Published on: June 16, 2024 16:00 IST
Image Source : FILE YouTube

YouTube, the largest video streaming platform has been upgrading itself by constantly evolving for better user experience. Catering to millions of viewers across the world, the platform offers content in various genres- entertainment, education, and news. As the company plans to upgrade the platform, for another significant upgrade, the introduction of several new features aims at making the platform more user-friendly and interactive. 

Google, the tech giant is working on integrating new and advanced tools like AI live chat, QR codes for channels, and the Google Lens search feature into YouTube.

YouTube’s experimental program and upcoming new feature 

Google is set to roll out these innovative features on the video streaming platform, as a part of its YouTube Experiment Program, which is a special initiative where selected groups of users could test new functionalities before they become available to the broader audience. Here’s a closer look at what’s in store:

AI live chat summaries

YouTube will soon be adding a new feature, offering AI-powered live chat summaries for the channels that live stream in English and have highly active chat sessions. This feature will further display a special banner atop the live chat, which could summarize key comments and interactions. This enhancement has been designed to help the viewers keep up with the conversation, especially during busy streams.

Google Lens for enhanced search on YouTube

The Google Lens button in the YouTube search bar is the most anticipated addition to the platform. This tool will enable users to search for more efficient video content. Initially, this feature will be available to a selected group of Android users. 

With Google Lens, users could leverage image recognition technology to find relevant videos faster, along with the improved search experience on the video streaming platform.

Convenient QR code sharing

YouTube is set to introduce a QR code feature that simplifies the sharing channels with others. This feature will be majorly focused on helping the user search for a channel when it is hard to find- via a standard search. 

Users could generate and share a QR code that is linked to their channel, enabling others to access it instantly by scanning the code with their device. This feature is capable of streamlining how the users connect and share content on YouTube.

Video Search and Interaction- A new era 

The upcoming enhancements for YouTube are said to be the continuous commitment to leveraging technology to enrich the user experience. By integrating tools such as Google Lens and AI-driven chat summaries, the video streaming platform further aims at making the platform more engaging to the users. 

Although these features are reserved for the YouTube Experiment Program participants at the moment (by the time of writing), the broader rollout is anticipated further. 

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