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WhatsApp launches Zoom 'rival' feature - Check it out

Whatsapp has rolled out a new feature which feels a lot similar to Zoom App's feature of sharing links. The instant messaging platform has introduced Share link feature to have 7 participants for a call (either video or audio).

Saumya Nigam Written By: Saumya Nigam @snigam04 Noida Updated on: September 30, 2022 18:05 IST
Image Source : PIXABAY WhatsApp

WhatsApp announced the call link feature on September 26, and today, it looks like Mark Zuckerberg has started to roll out the new feature. Many users at India TV have already got the new updated feature on their Android devices, but iPhones remain constrained with the new feature. ALSO READ: Update WhatsApp to save yourself from a new malware: Everything you must know

It is reported that the new call link feature is rolling out to the selected users and WhatsApp as per the website WABetaInfo, which keeps sharing updates related to the instant messaging platform has confirmed the rollout of the new feature. ALSO READ: WhatsApp, Zoom and Google Duo may require telecom licence to operate in India

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Image Source : WHATSAPPWhatsApp call link

WhatsApp users can now create call links, just like we use to do on Zoom and Google Meet. The direct call link could be of any nature- either audio or video calls. Once the link is created, you could share it with your contacts individually or in the group and as per the convenience, the participants can join the call accordingly. ALSO READ: Telegram Update: Infinite reactions and emoji status option added- Know how it works

Everyone did not receive the new call link feature

Yes, not everyone has got the new feature and as per the reports, it is said that the new feature is currently out on a selected beta testing only, which means that the users will have to wait for some time to revise the new feature.

I have also checked the iOS devices too, and none in my contact and at India TV has received the new call link feature on their iPhones, by the time of writing. 

Similarity to Zoom App

The feature looks quite similar to that of the popular Zoom cloud meeting app which started the culture of online meetings during the global lockdown. Zoom users were supposed to create the link and share it with their contacts to get onto a zoom video conference tool. Here, the call link looks similar to the Zoom app, but I must say, the WhatsApp call link feature is shorter and simpler when compared with the Zoom app. 

Here is how you can create your call link from your Android device:

  • Open the WhatsApp window on your smartphone and go to the call calls tab 
  • You will see a feature by the name of ‘create call link’.
  • Once clicked on the ‘create call link’ feature will land on a new page which will have several options like- 
  • Link for the WhatsApp call

India Tv - Whatsapp

Image Source : WHATSAPPWhatsApp

  • An option where you can choose the kind of call you would like to go ahead with is- Voice or video call
  • Send link via WhatsApp option
  • Copy link option
  • Share link option
  • You can choose the option and then proceed to share the link with your contact 

Kindly note that the WhatsApp link which you will create, you have to participate in that too. Also, you have to keep in mind that the link will be sharing your phone number as it has been created on the WhatsApp option.

Once, the participant will participate in the call link, the call will automatically be converted to a group call.

WABetaInfo states that the calls made by the ‘call links’ feature will be encrypted encryption, and those who will not join the call will not be allowed to hear anything conversation.

When will I get the new call link feature?

Those who have yet not received the new call link feature said to get the same soon, but we cannot predict the timelines.

It is also expected from the instant messaging platform to bring in several more new features on the platform which could help the user to increase the number of group video call participants accordingly. At the time of writing, the new Call link feature will allow the user to connect with around 8 people in the video call and the future, WhatsApp might upgrade the participants of the group by up to 32 participants- but when? We do not know!


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