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Tips to transfer WhatsApp chat from Android to iOS- Step by step guide

Upgrading from an Android to an iOS device is easy, but transferring the data from WhatsApp is a task. Here we bring to you smart tips ttransfer the data from an Android device to an iOS device by following these steps. Also, read the number of tips to follow before transferring your WhatsApp data.

Written By: Saumya Nigam @snigam04 Noida Updated on: October 09, 2022 17:00 IST
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Image Source : INDIA TV Android to iPhone- WhatsApp data transfer

WhatsApp has announced that the users can now transfer their backup and chat history from Android to iOS devices as well as iOS to Android. This feature was announced in 2021 during the Galaxy Unpacked event. 

Before that, WhatsApp users had to rely on the third-party apps for transferring  their chat backup or else, taking the decision to lose the backup while switching from Android to iOS and vice versa. 

The Meta-owned platform has made this feature of transferring the date but it is a must to inform that this feature does not transfer WhatsApp call and payment history during the process of switching.

Here we bring to you a step by step guide to transfer the data from Android to an iPhone:

  1. Open the Move to iOS app on your Android phone
  2. Follow the on-screen prompts and enter the code displayed on your iPhone and your Android device
  3. Now Tap on Continue. You will get a prompt. Follow the prompts
  4. Select the option Transfer Data screen
  5. Now tap on your Android phone
  6. Now you will have to wait for WhatsApp to prepare the data for export. 
  7. Once the data is prepared, you will be signed out from your Android device
  8. Now tap on ‘Next’ to return to the ‘Move to iOS’ application
  9. Tap on ‘Continue’ for transferring the data from an Android device to an iOS enabled iPhone. Now wait for ‘Move to iOS’ for completing the transfer.
  10. On your iOS- iPhone- install the latest WhatsApp
  11. Now once the app is downloaded, login to the app, on the same device
  12. Once downloaded, tap on ‘Start’ when prompted, and let the process to finish.

Once you complete your activation, you will witness your chats being transferred to the iOS device. This is a must to mention that the transferred data will not be available on the iCloud until you create a backup for the same. 

And on the Android device, the data only be removed, once you uninstall or wipe it off from your smart device.

Here are the tips to keep yourself reminded before transferring the chat history:

  • Only Android OS Lollipop, and above, will support the transfer process from Android to iOS 
  • Apple device should run on iOS 15.5 or above 
  • You need to install Move to iOS app on the Android smartphone
  • For iOS device, WhatsApp iOS version and above will only allow you to transfer the data to the new device
  • On Android version and will enable you to transfer the data from the device
  • You need to use the same phone number in order to transfer the data to the new device
  • Your iOS device must be new or must have reset to factory settings for pairing with the ‘Move to iOS app’ for transferring the data from your Android to iOS
  • Both your smartphones- Android and iOS must be connected to a same internet, Wi-Fi network 
  • You could connect your device to the iPhone's hotspot aswell



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